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Hi gt,

Goodthrust posted:

I have it hooked up similar other than I did what the manual stated and ran into the F1 Subs to the 812s... Should I change this?

From the T1 to F1 article:

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine to F1 Model 812 (not F1 Subwoofer)

If you have an F1 Subwoofer you will have more flexibility with the sound output if you connect the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine to the F1 Model 812 instead of the F1 Subwoofer.

Then connect the F1 Model 812 LINE OUT to the F1 Subwoofer.

Using an F1 Subwoofer

Run the F1 Model 812 Line Out to the F1 Subwoofer Channel 1 Input.

T1 to F1 Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer.png

Then run the F1 Subwoofer LINE OUTPUT to the second F1 Model 812, and the F1 Model 812 LINE OUTPUT to the second F1 Subwoofer.

What about any of the other settings on the tonematch? Will be using for DJ music. 

Try the DJ Presets.


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