Hi, I am considering buying a T1, but just realized there is no headphones socket. I really need one to use as a monitor for some gigs. I am a soloist with acoustic guitar. For example roadside restaurant, master volume fairly low, can only stand behind my L1-1S, so it's often a challenge to hear myself. With headphones I can hear myself and have confidence that the mix is good. I have an S1 I currently use as a monitor, but it adds a bit too much overall volume. It also appears you can't use the AUX for headphone either? For that matter how would you connect a floor monitor to it (S1)? Seems you can't get a full master mix out of the AUX? Is that right? Can someone please confirm?    Cheers, Ken.

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Okay, I just read the reference material again and think I have worked it out? Please confirm. The ToneMatch connector carries a master out signal to the L1-1S, leaving the TRS master out available for headphones or floor monitor? Please confirm.

Hi Speedy,

You can use the T1® Master Output for headphones - however, you may find the output is too low to be heard over the volume other things on stage.

That T1® Master Output is a clone of what is sent to the L1 Model 1S. So that volume goes up and down as you change the Master Volume. (You can bypass that, but you would want another device - like a headphone amp, to control the volume.

The T1® Master output is intended to be amplified - so you may need to get a headphone amp anyway.   It should be okay for a powered monitor (e.g. the Bose S1 Pro system) and you can raise and lower the volume separately.

The Bose T4S ToneMatch mixer is very similar to the T1® AND it has a headphone output with a separate volume control. Given what you've told us, I'd look at getting the T4S. It will work just as well with your L1 Model 1S.


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