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Have gone through three L1's same issues continue

Hey guys, Over the past 2 months I have gone through 3 separate L1s model 2. I have had to return them to Guitar Center for a couple of issues. The first was the Tone match cable getting stuck to the base unit. The second issue was the T1 freezing in the middle of a gig(dead air) and I had to restart the unit and all the settings. The next unit was making a buzzing type of noise through the speakers when I powered it off. When Guitar Center got the next one I went in to test it out before taking it home and it ALSO had the buzzing sound when I powered it off. I Also had a gig with the unit and the new T1 froze on stage again. Today I went to GC and opened the 4th L1 shipped from the factory.IT ALSO HAD THE BUZZING SOUND. The GC guys spoke with Bose immediate and they said we needed to download the new firmware for the T1 and powerstand. I just finished the downloads and restarted the third system that I'm holding on to until we try one more new system from the Bose Factory. Guess what.. NOW not only does the column speakers buzz but the sub buzzes as well. Bose, I think you have a quality control issue with these new L1s. I'm in the Bay Area and I purchased the first unit on May 28th. The sales team at Concord Guitar Center will be contacting you in the next day or so to arrange a new system one more time. I would suggest opening it and giving it a once over with all the necessary firmware upgrades before shipping it to them for me. I'll be very honest. This is our last go around with the unit. If it doesn't work out of the box without these buzzing issues I'm taking advantage of my extended warranty with GC and getting my money back. I love sound of the unit but these issues outweigh the reliability of the product.
I'm very glad to have purchased it from a reliable pro audio vender that stands behind their customers. I hope the people at Bose can show the kind of commitment that Guitar Center is giving this product.
Original Post
First of all, I cannot express how sorry we are that you are experiencing these issues with your system. I'll be honest, as a support person, that we do not see many issues with these systems having the characteristics that you've described. What we do see fairly regularly is that the source of power plays heavily into whether a system is reliable or not. Unfortunately, most of the time, this is the one thing that is out of your control and solely depends on the venue providing adequate clean power.

We are committed to making sure that these issues are resolved for you and are working with GC for this purpose. We will be sure to follow up with you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at Technical Support if you would like to speak with us direct. Our number is 877-335-2673.

Thank you Joe for your response. It looks as though a Bose Rep is going to meet with me at Guitar Center in a couple of weeks and with another new system. I must say I am the first person to have had dealt with these issues that GC and Bose knows of at this time. (Lucky me lolol) I'm pretty sure we can rule out the source of power being a contributing issue to the buzzing problem I'm seeing in these units. The buzz has been prevalent at three separate venues, Guitar Center and my home. I'm also using a very nice power strip rated at 24,000 joules. As far as two separate T1s freezing in mid performance the power was consistent on each occasion and it took place at a venue and GC. Keep on the lookout for anyone finding these issues. I have a funny feeling I will not be the only one to get them. I look forward to meeting your reps and hopefully I can go home with a unit that does not have this buzzing issue.
Ken Maffeo
Benicia Ca

I wanted to use this opportunity to provide everyone with our explanation on the noise that Songwriter88 is reporting during power down. As with any Bose product we listen carefully to customer feedback and identify opportunities to improve our products. Some of these improvements are larger in scale (as in the case of T1 firmware updates) and are followed by formal communication, while others are small refinements which are rolled into production without any external communication, which is the case here.

Over a year ago we implemented an improvement which allowed the system to better withstand extreme low voltage conditions caused by brown outs etc. Units produced prior to this change were quiter during the power down sequence.

Note: This noise is only present when the system is being turned off following use. For instances where this subtle noise is objectionable you may remove the Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker and disconnect the Speakon cable of the B1 before powering down the system.

For anyone that is experiencing noise during power down we want to assure you that your system is working properly. Also, there is no reason for customers with older power stands to be concerned with upgrading as any potential issues would have surfaced by now.

Thanks Neil

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