Just got one and it is killer!!!!!
I sold my tube amp because of back trouble and was in a state of mild depression untill now.I just picked up a vox tone lab and was amazed at how this amp modeler is so much more analog sounding than the pod products or anything digitech has.Just my opinion but I predict that there will be a flood of pod xt's on eBay in the near future....
Perfect combination.Guitar/vox/bose,,,tone to die for.
Just wanted to know if anyone else is using one,,,Don
Original Post
Hey Don - I tried the new "Tonelab in pedal form", the Tonelab SE over the weekend. It's not really in many stores yet (if any) - the Vox rep happened to be at the music store I was visiting and had his "demo" unit with him. I gave it a real good workout for about 2 hours through the JBL PA system they had set up. I have to agree with you - it is VERY impressive...if it sounded that good through the lowly JBL's, it would sound killer through the mighty PAS. They run the signal through a 12AX7 as an output stage...it definitely gives it more of a "real" power amp saturation, which all of the other modelers are lacking. (I try really hard to not be a "tube snob" but there really IS a difference) The pedal board is also laid out very sensibly for a gigging guitaist, with a natural stomp box style interface. It would be a perfect match for the PAS...a self contained all in one processor and floorboard with very good sounds. hmmm let's see..what can I sell...

I just have the regular tone lab,not the se version.I guess all the sounds are the same since the same tube is used for both.What would be the bigest advantage in getting the se?I can still take mine back and trade it for the se unit as guitar center has a 30 day return policy.
I know the se has volume and exp.pedals but can you change saved presets with the se so you wouldn't need the vox floorboard? I am REALLY new to electric guitar but I know what I like, as far as sound and tone. And if you don't mind,how mush $ is the se version? My email is dh57@wnclink.com if you would rather shoot me a line.Thanks,,,,,,Don
Don - I'm pretty sure that all the sounds are the same on both...there may be a couple "new" things on the SE, I'm not sure. The SE is basically the Tonelab and the Floorboard put together. If you're doing mostly studio work and recording, you're probably better off with the desktop Tonelab. If you're mostly playing in live situations, you'd be much better off with the SE. Plus, by not having seperate processor & floorboard, it's one less thing to carry to a gig. They laid out the pedalboard so that you can have an A & B channel on each preset (rhythm/lead) and there's a "manual" button to turn the front row of buttons into individual on/off switches for all your effects. You can call up a saved preset, hit the button for "manual" mode, and it's like having a row of stompboxes - overdrive, modulation, delay, etc. kicked in & out at will without changing the basic preset. The street price is about the same as buying the Tonelab & Floorboard seperately. I think it's $599. Here's a link


I was planning on getting the floorboard.I guess I'll play with this one untill the new se is available.I'll call Guitar Center tomorrow.Thanks for the link.I was up past 1am last night,,just couldn't put it down!!!!!Thanks for all the info,,,,,Don
[QUOTE]Originally posted by gittar-jonz:
"Don - I'm pretty sure that all the sounds are the same on both...there may be a couple "new" things on the SE, I'm not sure. The SE is basically the Tonelab and the Floorboard put together. If you're mostly playing in live situations, you'd be much better off with the SE."

I'll be buying a product to use live.

Hi again,,I contacted Guitar Center and will be returning my tonelab.They still don't know when to expect the new se version.Did the rep.you talked to say anything about when they will be available?
Also,since I'm playing a Godin Lgxt,would I be better off using a VG88?I bought the Godin and GR33,,what fun!
I read in another thread that the VG88 is also way better than the podxt.Ofcource,all this relies on individual taste.Some people like ice cream,some like cake.All I know is when I played thru the vox,some of the tones I got reminded me of my Rivera Sedona,which I never would have sold if the PAS didn't handle acoustic/ele.guitar so well.
I thought having an acoustic amp that had an electric guitar chan.was the coolest thing since my wife's cookin.Now,It's on it's way to Oklahoma and I'm waiting and searching for tone all over again.
I liked the advice you gave Rider 1 in the preset 35 thread.I'll probably go with the Vox Tonelab SE because of portability,ease of use,all-in-one thinking,etc.But what about what catzodellamarina mentioned when he talked about a Rectifier Recording Pre.or another type of amp head and let the bose be the cabinet?Maybe that's a dumb question.But keep in mind I've been playing electric guitar for a whopping whole year!!Playing acoustic for close to 30 years.I am the orginal high tech redneck.Don
Hi Don - As far as I know, the Tonelabs SE's have started shipping, and it should only be a matter of a couple weeks before they're in the stores. As far as the Roland VG88 - that is once again, strictly a matter of personal taste. I love the array of sounds, open tunings, 12 string effects, etc that the VG88 gives you, but everything sounds synthetic to me, which is fine for synth, strings, or horn sounds, but not for a realistic guitar tone. As for the tube preamp route, there are definitely some very good tube preamps out there, both rack mount and in pedal form. There have been discussions on this forum about Hughes & Kettner's Red Box, which is a studio direct box. Look into the H&K Tubeman II, which a 3 channel stompbox style tube preamp, with the Red Box built in to it...very good sounding and very portable. H&K makes VERY high quailty stuff (can't beat that German engineering, eh Hilmar?) I think Tony replied on that link that he had tried a number of preamps into the PAS, and was not satisified with any of them. I can understand that, because he plays through high quality (Emery, last I heard) low watt (3-8) tube amps. Once you've been accustomed to the sound of power amp tube saturation, it's hard to be satisfied with anything else. Preamp tube distorion is one thing, but those power amp tubes glowing red and hot is where all the REAL TONE resides. That's why I like the Vox...even though it's a very low powered tube (12AX7), the signal at least hits a real tube as an output stage, and to my ears it does make a difference in making it sound more "authentic". There are hundreds of options for getting your tone, but your original reaction to the Tonelab was that you loved the sounds...so there you go - you've found what you like. Whether you use the Tonelab & Floorboard or go for the SE, I'm sure you'll be happy.
It always helps to talk these things thru.Thanks for the food for thought.I took my tone lab back to guitar center and was told I am FIRST in line for a new se when they become available.I also picked up a new PAS/B1.My first one layed down on me.I had it for a little over a month and the guys at guitar center replaced it,no problem.I may be crazy but this unit seems to sound fuller with more bass than the other one I had.Maybe being without one for a couple days just made me forget how good they sound,I don't know but I am a very happy camper.Thanks for the info,,Don
The VG-88 is kind of a tricky beast. First of all the factory patches generally suck. Second, many stores don't have the v2 upgrade on their demo units. Third, the stores also usually don't have a full-range system, like the PAS, to plug the VG-88 into. So its extremely difficult to go into a store and actually hear what a VG-88 can do. However, the long-time, expert users of the VG-88 are able to get great, not just good, but great, realistic guitar sounds. The tricks and techniques that these tone wizards have developed for getting great tone are available on the VG-8 web site.

Some of the hard-core tube guys still throw a tube preamp on the output, like the THD Univalve, but many more just use the amp models. When you consider that the VG-88 lets you play Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, Rickenbackers, banjos, mandos, sitars, acoustic guitars, etc. in 6-string, 12-string, and alternate tunings and you can combine all of these with your guitar's mag pickups into either the amp models or an external tube amps, there is nothing else available that provides even close to this much flexibility and great tone at the same time.

Of course, I might be a tad biased, but man, you should hear these things through the PAS. Amazing.

Hey Gitarzan, I agree about the unrivaled versatility of the VG-88. I really came close to buying one when they came out...I'm one of those idiots that brings 4 or 5 guitars to every gig. I have my standard tuned Jeff Beck Signature strat (yeah, the one with the FAT neck - it's like playing a Gatorade bottle), I play slide on my '71 SG in open E, and on a vintage Harmony lap steel in open G, and and play my 12 string acoustic amd mandolin in a few tunes, and let's not forget about the backup guitar "just in case". When I heard all those open tunings on the VG-88 it really did make me think. You're right, though, I really didn't spend enough time with it to get past the factory presets. You've made me re-think that one...I guess ANOTHER trip to the music store is in order!
Originally posted by Steve-at-Bose:
That's great to hear. I'm stoked with my PODxt through the system, but I'll definately give the Vox a try. I'm always on the prowl.

Thanks for the heads up,
Steve and the guitar gang

Hi Steve,,Just wondering if you ever had a chance to try the Vox yet?I also wanted to mention that I just got a Hughes and Kettner Tubeman.Sounds great with the PAS.Puts back a little tube tone without effects or spending a huge amount of $.
No, not yet, darn it. My local GC did not have one set up last time I went in (a few weeks ago). I've been super busy at work and home so my "play" time has been cut way back. Also, I am sooo satisfied with the PODxt through my system that it's hard to imagine something better. I've worked with the PODxt and found "my sounds" again and added a couple of new ones to the mix (thanks Line6). With the Shortboard and the PODxt I have so much flexibilty and killer tone that it seems like I should give up on amps and focus on new guitars. Cool

But, I'm all for progress, so I'll have to give the VOX a try. I LOVE the sound of a lit up AC-30. I checked out the H&K web site ... cool stuff. Messa has similar devices. The gear search will never end for me ... I hope. Big Grin
Well,,It took awhile but I did it.I took the tonelab back and traded it for the tonelab se.
Stick a fork in me,I'm done!!!I have the sounds I was looking for and THEN SOME!Couldn't be happier.I also traded my 2000 Godin for a 2004 LGXT.I put Van Morrison on the stereo and we jamed for 6 hrs last night.I played every horn solo,and piano,organ,etc.,(via my Gr33).Every guitar break was complimented with my Vox se.Life is GOOD!
Now,with my tone problem solved,I can go on with my next project.I want to try out the new LR-Baggs M1 magnetic soundhole pickup on my HD-28 Martin.I miss that guitar and I bet the M1 and the Bose will put me back in the saddle in style.
Look around the forum,find the one person who seems to be the happiest with their system and multiply their attitude by 10 and that's where you'll find me!Thanks guys,,,Don
Hi Antonis,

On the GK-2 pickup (I don't have the GK-3) there is an input for the ¼ inch Guitar jack. I don't know if you have this for the the GK-3 but I would be surprised if you didn't.

On the VG-88, there is a Guitar Output jack.
Use that to connect to your PodXT.

Does that help?
Yes the GK-3 has the same 1/4 IN .

OR, you could run two tails out . The Gk's multi-pin to the VG-88 and your guitar's 1/4 out to the XT-LIve - This lets you run to two seperate chan. to your board or to two different amps- but most importantly, it lets you use the expression ped on both toys to fade in and out the volume seperately at your feet.
I find this comes in handy for fading in and out layered tones - I do it with the GR_20 and the XT-live or more often with my little RP-80
I have a Godin Grand Concert SA and use it with the GR-33, and it's a great combination. Taking delivery next week (I hope) of a new Godin LGX-SA 3-way beauty that should really open up what I can do with my band.

The new Roland VG-99 looks like just my kinda thing. I'll probably stick with the Digitech RP-series for now until I can add the 99 to the rig. The VG-99 also sends MIDI, so I could route it to a JV-1010 I have sitting around gathering dust. I'm seeing my band rig going less exclusively on the floor and more to a table-height stand on my right with a basic footcontroller to send patch and expression pedal messages to the stand. The T1 would fit right in there.

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