Hi just wondering ....is there a way of creating ones own Electric guitar presets in the T8S ?

So when using different guitars with different pickups etc you are not always required to do a drastic EQ tweak and can simply recall a preset suitable to that guitar

thanks in advance 


Original Post

Hi again :-)

No responses to my question of being able to save your own presets for recall / with different guitars 

Can I assume the answer is no or did I win the silly question of the week award :-)

Not fussed , this is my first experience with being ignored on the Bose Pro Community , I thought it was a resonable logical question in view of efficiancy / using different guitars when performing 

Have a tremendous week everybody :-)




thank you ,it’s all good

i do save my scenes - I wish there was more space / option to save more 

that’s a shame re presets for guitar as there are quite a few options from Bose ; so it’s a pity you can’t save your own

from another post about a month ago I’ve had success doing a factory reset as you suggested 

this was due to the T8S showing a blank screen on start up - semi often ;thankfully i was able to save and recall my previous scenes 

the unit has worked flawlessly since 👌

thanks for your continued help 🙏




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