A new accessory is available for the Bose L1 Cylindrical Radiator(r) loudspeaker from Wallacher Guitar Hangers.

If you are a guitar player and sick of carrying guitar stands to the gig and rehearsal, this may be for you. The Wallacher WPAS1 hanger mounts easily to the back of the L1 loudspeaker using a screwdriver.

Assembly is a one-time job:
While the L1 is disassembled and on the floor, remove the two phillips-head screws that attaches the bayonet to the upper L1 loudspeaker. On the guitar hanger block, loosen the nylon set screw and then slide the hanger into the channel on the back of the L1 speaker. Carefully tighten the set screw when the hanger is at the desired location on the L1. After assembling the L1 for use, attach the hanger bracket itself to the hanger block. It's now ready for your guitar! Notice that it swivels to whatever conveninent position- left, back, or right of the L1. For travel, the bracket pops off and stows easily alongside the L1 in it's soft carrying case.

This new accessory was introduced at Winter NAMM this year by Wallacher and can be purchased from this website.

Check out some threads here regarding the new hanger:


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