Greg influenced me as a young musician especially.

I saw him with King Crimson in Hyde Park in London. That must have been in the summer of 1969 (He was only with the band for 2 years I think). I remember it was a sunny day. They were tremendous. 

I then saw him at the now legendary Isle of Wight Festival in the summer of 1970 (a year after Woodstock) with his new band playing their first big gig together. That was the birth of Emerson Lake and Palmer. I was blown away. The whole festival was cool, but some things stick more than others, and ELP's first real appearance was, for me at least, mind-blowing. 

I have much to be grateful for as far as Greg Lake goes. I have one absolute favorite song of his which I loved right from the start. It's called "From the Beginning" and features a super Intro and some inspirational acoustic guitar playing which wasn't an everyday thing back in those days. Here's a link to a live version of that song for anyone who might be interested. It also features a solo from Keith Emerson who departed from us us in March this year.

Emerson, lake and palmer(ELP) From the beginning

RIP Greg. I enjoyed the ride. You will be missed.


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