Great Picture Collection from Diedre

Ken Bausano came to Ashland with a fistful of sheet music and in no time whipped together a great horn and rhythm section with two rehearsals, one of which is shown here. The band unleashed its music on the second evening of the conference, leading the way in one of the most enjoyable evenings of live music ever.
Jay Davidson, musician extraordinaire (is there anything he doesn't play?) jumped into the fray like an old-fashioned circus clown, mixing things up and inspiring the musicians to dig deeper and go further. Jay plays in the Steve Winwood touring band, and the Shadows of Mowtown tour.
Here are two big musical protagonists for the night: Ken Bausano and Jay Davidson. Very different in their approaches -- one very organized, the other stirring things up with a big musical stick on the spur of the moment -- but both VERY effective at what they do.

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