Got a Pelican Case for L1. Cutting foam??!

Hi all, I just got a Pelican 1750 Case as I am already see wear and tear on my speakers. It won't last very long if it keeps being handled without a proper case.
But, my question is, how do I cut the foam? Of course, I want it nice and clean. I event want to make an rectanglar bed for each speaker. I can't imagine doing that with regular cutters. Any pointers?


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For some of those cases you can get pluck & pull foam so that you don't have to cut it yourself. There are instructions on some of the case sites for cutting your own foam. I have used a serrated bread knife in the past with fair results. I've also used a thin very sharp butcher knife. I haven't had much luck with scissors of most kinds.

Make sure that the foam is stiff enough that it doesn't just deform once it's cut. I've tried cutting the foam in gun cases without any luck. It was just too flimsy.

Hi Hedge,

I looked at the Pelican FAQ page - hoping to find an answer to your question. No joy.

I'd probably just phone them and ask what they recommend.

Their contact info is here:

If they tell you anything interesting - please let us know what they say.

Any chance you still have the original packaging for your Cylindrical Radiators? It might be easier to cut the white foam from the Bose packaging to fit the Pelican case.

See Tom's pictures
It depends on how the foam in your case is configured. My Pelican 1750 came with one piece of foam in the lid and two pieces in the bottom, main part of the case. What I mean is that the bottom foam was cut in half the long way, each piece being about 2" thick.

I laid the L1 sections on the top piece of foam in the bottom section of the case and traced around them with a silver Sharpie. The nice part about having the two pieces in the bottom is that I was then able to cut all the way through the top piece of foam. I used a very sharp ceramic kitchen knife.

Then I used this cut piece as a template. I placed it over the bottom piece of foam in the bottom part of the case and again, using a silver Sharpie, traced out the shape of the L1 sections. I couldn't cut all the way through this piece because that would take me to the bottom of the case. I wanted to leave about an inch of padding. Taking my knife, I cut about an inch deep all the way around my tracing. Then, starting on one end, I made cuts about 1" apart, all the way down the shape of each L1 section. Basically, I was making my own pick and pluck foam. Once I made those cuts, I was able to get my knife underneath each section and carefully cut it out.

After I finished the bottom cutting, I took my foam piece pattern, flipped it over (the top needs to be the reverse of the bottom so it will close correctly) traced out the shapes of the L1 sections and did the "make my own pick and pluck trick" again.

If you did get two piece of foam in the bottom section, after you cut them, go to a crafts store and get a can of spray foam adhesive. Use that to glue the two piece together to make one bottom piece.

If your case came with one big hunk of foam in the bottom, you will have to trace out the L1 pieces and cut both the top and bottom by making the small cuts and "carving" out the foam. Go slow and be very careful. I screwed up and cut myself very badly cutting my case. Not fun. I've attached a photo. Sorry for the long post. It's kind of hard to describe. Once it's done, it's a great case for the L1's.

Take care,
Hi All,
I have been waiting to add this for a while or at least until I could make sure ththey would hold up. Here is the issue with all hard shell transport cases fort he L1s I have seen so far. First, according to the airlines, they surpass the checked luggage requirements of most all major airlines (50lbs or less and 62" measured length+width+height).
I first tried airline travel with the box the are shipped in and got charged $100 by Delta (different airlines have different fees). I then looked at gun cases and all of their variations. The airlines apporve gun cases that hold up to 2 rifles. The thing is that I'm not carrying rifles and don't want to try tricking the airlines. It's destined to fail. Those that meet ailine regulation were flimsy.
So, here is my solution. Fishing rod cases. The ones in the photos I got from Bass Pro Shop/ Outdoor World for $36 each. I duct tape them together to form one case. It weights 48lbs and is under the oversized baggage restiction anyway you want to measure it. The have been on 6 trips with my by airline and have help up perfectly.

As far as the Model 2 powerstand, I have been using the shipping box it came it. Same with the B1.

That's what I've got for you.

Jed @ Bose
"The ones in the photos I got from Bass Pro Shop/ Outdoor World for $36 each. I duct tape them together to form one case. "

very nice. So, these are top-loading ? you duct tape them together...
are they foamed ? and the L1's slide in the top, do they fit snugly ? THANKS!

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