I've been on the hunt for reasonably-priced cases for the L1, B1, & PS1. I thought maybe others could post what they are using to this thread so that we could have one place on the forum to post to.

The best place I've found so far is www.caseclub.com . Go to the carrying cases section. They offer lots of different types of cases that can be customized to work with different sized objects. They recommend a flight case for an L1 pair of speakers or the Pelican case #1750. You can see the Pelican case here & a detailed picture here. These cases come with pick-&-pluck foam that can be shaped to fit anything. You can also get a custom-cut foam interior. They quoted me $312.58 for a flight case & $193.03 for the Pelican case. I'm waiting to get a quote on some cheaper polyethylene cases.


Prices for the poly cases were more expensive. Medium is $389 & Heavy is $516. I also looked at the aluminum gun cases which are only about 4 inches thick - not enough for an L1.

I know several guys have posted about using Rubbermaid ROUGHNECK 18gal/68.1L Model 2215 scu 71691-16728 available at Wal-Mart for $3.00 containers for the B1's.

Others still have posted about using 4" PVC tubing for L1's. I've looked at the hardware store & considered this. I'd still like to have a nice guitar-style case to carry the L1's in if I can afford it.


Another idea that other guys have posted for L1's is golf cases. Here are examples at SKB http://www.casesbyskb.com/golf/golf-cases.htm


I'm finding all kinds of alternatives for L1's. Here's an SKB gun case at Cabela's


If this case works it could be the best deal yet!


I just ordered one of these these & I'll post my impressions when I receive it later this week.


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for all the great research.

I haven't found a better way for transporting the L1s yet, but I've been eyeing an oversized SKB guitar case over in the corner.

I'm just packing things in my car.

The flexibility of not having to fight with a rigid case in-and-out of my back seat (2 seater car) is overriding my curiousity to see if it the case fits.

I have been using a lightweight golf bag for mic stands for years. (I hate mic stands and their nasty habit of flinging arms and legs in all directions as you carry them).

I'm guessing that you are travelling greater distances to your gigs, than I am. Or perhaps you have a nice big van in which things can flail about in the corners.

By the time I get my car loaded up, things are in there pretty tight and nothing shifts very much.
The Pelican cases are very nice,I have one for my camera and one for breakdown shotguns, they are waterproof and very durable but heavy. The pelican 1750 which is large enough to hold both L1 sections has a shipping wt of 30 lbs.

The SKB cases on the other hand are lighter in wt. I have an SKB standard golf bag case that would probably hold the L1 sections but its shape would make fitting cumbersome I think. There are several, including the one you picked at Cabela's, that are large enough to hold the L1, but be aware the a two gun case has handles, latches and hinges designed to hold up to the wt. of two guns, which is about half of the wt. of 2 L1 sections, plus whatever else you might fit in the case.

If I read correctly the case you ordered, had diminsions that would not allow for any interior padding.

I went back to look around, and I like the Plano aluminum double for $109. Maybe glue in some 1/2 closed cell foam on top and bottom and use supplied open cell for dividers. The Four gun SKB would work nice but is a bit Pricey.

Thanks for the research and links, Oldghm
Originally posted by Oldghm:
I went back to look around, and I like the Plano aluminum double for $109. Maybe glue in some 1/2 closed cell foam on top and bottom and use supplied open cell for dividers. The Four gun SKB would work nice but is a bit Pricey.

I like that double. Here's the link if anyone wants to take a look.
I've just started looking into bag/case options (with wheels) for transporting the speaker portions of my 2 PAS's, 3 mic stands and possibly an Ultimate Support keyboard stand (though I may consider swithching to a lighter key stand). I've started looking at some oversized golf bags but worried it would be too much weight.

Anyone try those long drum bags with wheels (again, i'm oncerned about the weight.

My third option would be a foam padded 76key synth bag with a pullout handle. I would think those would withstand more weight.

Larry - you should DEFINITELY look into the Gator Keyboard Case - the 76-key should work great for you. They are light, but offer excellent protection. I place my L1's, in their original bags - on the outsides with the grill facing in, then three mic stands in the middle between them, plus a bunch of cords and stuff. The case has two built-in 4-inch-wide padded velcro straps that keep it all in place.

The outside has a utility zip area that holds my Roland GR-33 synth floor pedal perfectly.

Their web site is www.gatorcases.com

Good luck, Mike
The Doskocil case from Cabela's isn't going to work. The case is a little flimsy with poor latches, & the handle pinches under weight.

I found gun cases at WalMart that were even better buys than anything else I've found They have a plastic case for only $21 that fits two L1's in cases & an aluminum case for $60 that is slightly bigger. I haven't cut the foam yet - just got back from the store & am trying them out.

The plastic case is pretty heavy duty. The latches aren't the best, but look like they would last a couple years at least. The handle would be uncomfortable to carry for a long time.

The aluminum case looks very heavy duty. It has a couple pieces of foam that can be taken out to match the thickness you need. It has four nice latches & a padded handle.

I'll post links if I can find them online.
Thanks Mike! I've got the dimensions to make sure it will fit all four speaker pieces width-wise (and that it will fit in the minivan without taking the middle seats out!). I called a local dealer and their price of $119 didin't seam out of line. I'm going to check some on-line places next.
I did find all the variations of Gator bags at Sweetwater Sound and the 76key version was $124 (which included shipping). They had both the interior and exterior dimensions.

You're right about working it so as to never having to pick it up...I want to slide it in my minivan but it looks like it won't clear by two inches without taking a middle seat out. It's about 3" too wide to squeeze through the two seats too. They are just a pain to carry four of them loose (eight handles to group together). My plan B is to get some velcro strips to tie the four handles of each pair for quick pickup. I suggested early on to create a single gig back to hold both the top and bottom speakers in one bag...maybe someday.

I may just take the money I was going to spend and buy a lighter keyboard stand. It's time to retire the old Ultimate Support stand...besides the black stand clashes with my silver Motif! haha

Thanks for all of your help!
Here is the WalMart case I bought for $21 plus tax. I took the foam from the Bose shipping boxes & trimmed it to fit. I then used heavy duty carpet tape to fix the foam in the case. I had the use a little more foam in the ends to keep the foam from shifting. You can see in the pictures that I had to pad the square handles with a little foam & then wrapped them with gaffers tape. I also included close-ups of the latches & hinges. This isn't a super heavy-duty case, but it is more rigid than anything else less than $50. I'm sure it would take a very good fall to damage the speakers in these cases. I no longer worry about the band helping me with load-out.
Yea, I'd ship in these if I had the latches secured or taped shut. I don't think they meet the minimum padding requirements in inches, so they'd still have to be in a box with padding like you ship a guitar in a case in a box. It's at least as safe as being shipped in the box from Bose since it uses the same foam & is much more rugged than a cardboard box.
I used a similar Contico case yesterday to transport the L1.

I removed the supplied open cell egg crate type foam and replaced it with 3/8 closed cell cut to fit top and bottom. With one thin strip to place between sections (with grills facing each other) just in case they moved, it was a quick and easy adaption. The fit is tight enough that nothing moved inside.

While I might not trust another to handle it in this manner it will serve the purpose as long as I am the one packing it around.

I was actually able to close and latch the case(by placing my knee on it) with the supplied foam, but the fit was very tight and open cell foam will draw and hold moisture, not a good environment for guns or the L1.

It's actually pretty easy. Just save them on your hard drive & then click on the paper clip in your reply in the Bose popup window. Click Browse & find it on your hard drive. The only thing you need to do first is to reduce the picture a little probably on your computer or take it with 640 x 480 size set on your camera.
Contico has come out with updated & new cases. (No wonder WalMart stopped carrying the old one.) I have had very good luck with mine now. I thought the latches would have failed by now, but they just keep going strong. Here's some photos from the website here.

The first one is the updated version of the one I use now.

The second one is larger with wheels.

The third is square & may be able to fit four L1's

As a follow-up on the Walmart Contico gun cases. I've been using these almost every day now for almost 2 1/2 years & they're still holding up very well. The latches haven't worn out like I thought they would. The hinge pins moved maybe a quarter inch on a couple of the 5 cases I use & had to be tapped back in. The exteriors are doing fine. I did break the fin foot on one end of one case by slamming it into a door, but it still is connected & functions fine. The foam has not shifted more than a half inch, & the L1's have sustained zero damage in the cases even though they have received some pretty rough abuse. The makeshift handle padding (foam with gaffer tape) has held up remarkably well.

I'd have to give a resounding thumbs up to these cases, & for only $21 you can't go wrong. I even use one to carry other big stuff as well & mic stands. I had lamented over the SKB & nicer cases, but now I'm glad I saved my $$. I got all five cases for 2/3 the price of one SKB. The only downside is the worried eyes when I walk into a gig with a gun case.

They're about 4 3/8 & they are tight. You don't need more than enough for about 1/4 to 1/2 of foam on each side. The L1 is structurally very strong side to side. I'm mainly interested in saving the grills & making them easier to schlep in & out of gigs. You can probably tell in the pictures earlier in the post how much foam there is.
Tom et al,

I was in a local Walmart this afternoon & picked up the only one Contico Case (2002704376) that they had - Still, only $22.94+tax.

Now, is there anyone here (Ken @ Bose, included) that would have extra foam that they could spare? I have 2 L1s - so, I need to find another case @ another Walmart also...

Anyone? Thank you in advance for your replies!



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