S1 saved the day!

I’ve attached photos of a gig I did a couple of weeks ago at a large catering hall for a 60th birthday. I didn’t see the venue prior to the gig but I knew it was large. To my surprise it was separated into two areas. The main dining area (Pic 1 and 3).And another area thru the barn sliding door that turned out to be a lobby area with a separate bar and was set up to be a gambling area.(Pic 2 and 4)The second area was actually larger than the dining area. I brought my Bose L1 B1 Sys2/Tonematch T1 and my Bose S1Pro figuring I’d use the S1 as a monitor in front of me on the floor. Once I saw that set up I panicked and said to myself “how the **** am I going to get the sound into the other area” (Bar/gambling room)? Luckily I brought the stand for the S1 and thought “screw the monitor,I’ll just set up the S1 by the doorway and point it into the other room.” As I did this I then realized I didn’t have an outlet close enough to plug in the S1. Another slight panicky moment,but then I thought, ”awesome,the S1 has a frickin battery!”

 I know the sound in the dining area was great because I was sitting in there and interacting with the people who gave me great feedback on the sound quality. But the icing on the cake was at the end of the party when the guest of honor who spent 90% of the time in the gambling area approached me and said he couldn’t believe the sound coming out of that little speaker! He said “it was if we were in the room you where playing in”.

I gotta tell you I was so relieved an pleased to hear that.

The S1 literally saved the day!

On another note, I have already started saving for another S1... The different applications are great. 

If anyone is on the fence about getting an S1? Just go for it. It’s a great product! I couldn’t be happier.


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We has a very similar situation where the venue was L shaped so the other area was off to the side and behind us! We did the same thing where we ran the S1 on battery and simply plugging it in an Aux Out on our mixer (not a T1) pointing off in that other direction. Sounds quality was great comin out of the L1 into the S1 and the customers were amazed they could hear the music so well. We were one of the only groups who projected sound into both areas. The owner was extremely impressed with our setup and we got some good repeat business as a result. 

Good for you to think on your feet like that aNd use the S1 that way. We knew in advance what we were up against and so we’re able to plan ahead. I agree that having the S1 and the L1 lets us cover a myriad of different playing situations. It’s just great to have. I’d like to get another sometime as well.

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