Getting the most out of the new Bose approach to live amplified music.

In our experience, musicians considering our new approach and those now using it, like to know how they can get the most out of their investment.

The Personalized Amplification System™ approach puts each musician in complete control of his or her sound, as in an unamplified performance. Because of the properties of the Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker, musicians can play knowing that the sound they make on stage is what is projected out to their audiences. And they can play with the confidence that comes from knowing that no one is changing their sound.

This is a powerful and profound advantage over any conventional amplification system.

In contrast, with a conventional system, the person (or persons) operating the mixing console (or consoles) are responsible for adjusting the volume of each instrument or voice. If more vocal clarity is needed, for example, the operator boosts the gain of that signal. If the vocal signal is already maxed out on the PA system, the operator reduces the volume of the other channels. Most of the musicians we talked to in our ten-year research project, and in the large community of players now using our new approach, see the problem inherent in this approach: namely, they lose control of their musical art, and worse, can’t even hear the changes being made by the operator. One of the things we hear constantly from musicians is the frustration of finding out after a performance that the sound in the audience was poor.

Still, we must emphasize that to get the most out of Bose’s new approach, it is not sufficient for musicians to simply have control over the sound. They also need to exercise that control. For example, if an instrument needs to be louder to create the best musical performance, then that musician needs to increase the level of that instrument. If a vocalist’s sound isn’t clear enough, but his or her Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker is maxed out and the singer is maxed out too, then the other players need to moderate their levels. In our experience, once musicians realize that they are in full control, and understand the opportunity they have to create great musical art and know it’s reaching their audiences, they seize that opportunity and never look back. For some, new habits must be learned, and old habits learned while playing acoustically dusted off. For others, taking full advantage of the new Bose approach by taking full control of the music happens very quickly.

Regardless, what we know for certain is that the many truly extraordinary reviews of performances using our new approach occur when the players are fully exercising their control over their musical art. There is overwhelming evidence that what can be achieved when that control is combined with our new technology is an entirely new standard in musical performance. We invite you to join this growing community of musical artists getting the utmost out of this new technology.

Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer
Bose Live Music Technology Group
Original Post
hi Ken,

I'm not sure if this is the place to be asking this but...
My church is taking a look at the L1's as a solution to our current problems with our sound system. I've made myself very familiar with the PAS and I've heard what one sounds like at a local music store.

I'm sold on these but I have to deal with the worship leader, church board, other musicians' etc. I'm just one of the frustrated players.

Anyway, it would be really great if we could hear this system being used in a live situation. I live in Janesville, Wi. We are near some fairly large metro areas....there has got to be some group local that is using this approach for live sound for their ensemble or even their church....that would be really ideal. I know all about the 45 day money back guarantee thing but this approach is so revolutionary that I've already met resistance from one of the sound guys (duh!....they're about to lose their job!) and even the worship leader...who is concerned about everyone being happy with their mix.

Anyway, if there's somewhere we could go to Madison, WI or Milwaukee, WI...Rockford, Il or even Chicago, Il.

If you can't help....can you get me connected to someone that can?

Thanks a heap!

I am a former frustrated worship team member who now owns a Bose L1. I agree with your frustration, and will let you know that the angst against Bose in the Church Sound profession is great. I am a long time Bose supporter having sold many of the 901 Home systems 20 years ago, and was never able to break the stereotype in the church sound teams so I left to be a solo performer. I am now very happy with my sound, and love my L1.

I am also trying to become a representative for Bose to go back into the Lion's den and try to spread the Bose Gospel. I know that Churches would benefit the most from being able to have their words heard by the audience, and having control over their sound at the performer level. I know that it would make every worship team sound better and that the performers being able to hear themselves is the biggest problem with "bad" worship teams.

I will continue to try to spread the word.

Too bad you hadn't posted over the holiday's as I was in eastern Wisconsin doing gigs for the holidays, and maybe you could have brought some folks out. Although I am only a solo act now and it might not have applied directly.

I hope that you can get one of the more local direct dealers to come to your church and let you try some of the units. It will change everyones view of great sound.

Good Luck from Fargo,ND
Hey John,

I've contacted "Chuck-at-Bose" and sent him this link. He may know of someone who can help with the demo.

I have a couple of folks in mind but Chuck's the real expert here not me.

I hope you'll hear from someone soon; like in the next 2 to 5 days. Keep us posted if you do not please.

Greetings John,
I'm Evan a Product Specialist with Bose. I have provided Demo's to two Churches in your area. One in Rockford, and one in Wisconsin. Both Churches had Praise Teams with full bands, and both bought and love their systems. Feel free to contact me for a personal demo, or I can direct you to take in a service with one of these Churches. 773-395-3338

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