Yes, I have suffered from GAS my entire musical life of 43 years, probably spending more than I've made.
In the studio, the list of needs/wants was limitless, and new products come out every month.
For the live musician, there was always some new piece of rack gear that you needed to help fix the sound.
It was impossible to stop buying the latest necessary item.

My GAS is still pumping, I browse the web daily, on eBay, Musicians Friend, Sweetwater, & Full Compass.
I just finished the latest round of digging for new products.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it, I am just not finding anything that I need anymore.
This must be owed to the fact that with a few L1 systems in your arsenal, you no longer really need anything.
I still get excited seeing the new NAMM raves, but now, I can only sigh, and admit "I don't need that".

More and more money is making it into my savings account, and I think I can thank Cliff, Ken, and Dr Bose.
Thank you to all of you who were a part of this, you have saved me so much in terms of physical labor and cash.


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Hi Drumr,

I can totally relate to this.

The cure, when it came to PA gear - well not a total cure - but close was the L1®.

One side-effect of the L1® was that I could hear everything better, so this led me to upgrade microphones and instruments. I could really hear the difference between what I had, and what I eventually found that was better.

Another side-effect has been with vehicles. I don't need a van (or any of the thinking or money that I used to put in that direction). (I don't have to move anything as big as a drum kit- whew).

As for the rest - I stay out of guitar stores. I'm not quite at a place where I will by an instrument sight-unseen. So I'm safe there.

So you're looking for a microphone?
I can totally relate too. Wink

But I think Bose need to step up. After we have bought our L1s and there is no real need for anything else PA, then what?

Remember there is no treatment for GAS. Even if we don't need gear we will still feel the urge for new gadgets.

So Bose - what are you doing about coming up with new stuff to satisfy our GAS?
Count me in as part of the same club.....I received my first L1 Mod 2 with B2 last Saturday and the second one coming tomorrow. Very excited to dial them in and use at the next gig.

I may be selling my QSC KW153 and KWsubs if things work out as well as I expect they will.
I may be selling my QSC KW153 and KWsubs if things work out as well as I expect they will.

Hey ggz123,
I did the same thing back in '04 after buying my first L1 Classic.
Unloaded about a ton of gear, tops & subs, amps, racks and devices of all sorts.
Traded in my old van for Jeep that could still haul all my drums and PA!
Have never regretted that one bit.
OK!,...OK!,...I'm guilty!,...I bought 2 compacts about 2 years ago,...and, after I witnessed the clear, full sound,...I was hooked...
I have invested considerable finance into my recording studio,...and live sound gear...
Since I am a blind person,...I need to be organized, efficient, and portible...

I play sax,...and I perform in rooms ranging from the small, to the medium size ball room,...I usually, and more successfully play solo, since I play mostly jazz,...and, it is hard to find musicians who are on the same level as myself...

I have found a niche, and it works well for me...

But,...I found that I didn't have enough sound power to cover the larger rooms,...and, I didn't want to purchase anything larger than the compacts I already own...

Solution!,...I bought two more compacts, and spread them out according to the particular venue...

Thanks "Bose",...I am 57, and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon...
No,...not at the moment,...I plan on getting a couple of wireless systems,...but i need to do some more research on it first...

Right now I am using the 10 channel "Behringer mixer,...and running stereo into two of the compacts,...when I need more coverage, I setup ahead of time on what ever particular gig, and run the cables...
It seems to work very well, as I can crank the outside compacts, which i place about 25 to 30 feet off to the sides, and in front of where I am setup...
Of course it depends upon the size, and shape of the room...
I have a couple of sennheiser bodypack systems that I use when I want to hook up a speaker system wirelessly (in another room, for example). I use the 1/4" instrument cable connected to the bodypack transmitter, connected to the Master Out on the T1. The wireless receiver is hooked up to the L1 Compact in the other room. Sound is clean and clear with no drop outs!
What does a L2 look like?

The only change I can think of at my age is, I hope it's lighter.
But I hoped for that one other time and it backfired.

I bought a used electronic drum pad from the 90's, call a Trapkat, it was a godsend.
In the Trapkat forums, the makers asked what improvements we'd like, and there were many requests from the users.
I was the only one who said "Please make it lighter!"

When the new model came out it had gone from 43# down to 14, my prayers were answered.
It was then that I then learned, yet again, be careful what you ask for.

I bought the new Model, the XL, and sold my old heavy one.
Later, I found that, other than weight, it was not a big improvement, it didn't "feel" right.
And though they kept making changes to the playing surface over the years, in the end, it was a disaster for me.
In the end, just a few months ago, I sold it.

Now it is gone at about the time I'd really like a 14# drum set.

So be careful what you wish for.

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