FX mute

Hi Bernard, (FynniusFogg)

The only way to access the FX Mute is through the buttons on the T1®.

The USB gives us a way to connect to a computer to

  • Let the T1® act as a remote sound card
  • Do software updates
  • Load ToneMatch® Presets
  • Load and backup T1® settings like Scenes

The USB connection is only functional when used in conjunction with a host computer.

You can read a little more about that here in:


Hi FynniusFogg!

ST is 100% correct as always with regard to the USBs use.

However here might be a potential workaround for you if you can spare a channel on your T1.

First up hook up your vocal mic to, say, ch1 on the T1. Next take a jack lead and connect it to the PRE AMP out on channel 1. Take this lead and run it through either a keyboard style volume pedal or a make or break style footswitch.

Run the signal from the pedal/footswitch into another T1 channel and set this channel up with the chosen vocal effects but make them 100% effect. Adjust the effected channel volume to get the desired blend of dry vocal to effected vocal.

The pedal/footswitch will determine how much or if any signal will go to channel 2 and therefore whether or not an effect is added.

It's a bit of a botch but it does work.

Best wishes

Hi all, just set it up with an A/B foot switch ( Boss AB-2) and it works realy well and has, to my ears, a better mix, with the non fx mic channel clear and strong with the fx mixed on top. Thank you all.
For info the mic is a Neumann KMS105, which sounds amasing thro the T1 and pole. I am also able to get much higher volume before feedback because I use a optogate PB-05 http://www.optogate.com/pb05e.htm
we have 3 mics and 3 poles all with optogates which has the added effect of reducing stage sound going thro the mics.
Also I have just gigged using the Marcus Miller pre amp for the first time thro my pole....wow..I`m in hevan...the dynamic tone and valve commpressor is the best I have ever used.
Once again many thanks...Bernard
Hi Bernard,

Great news!

I am glad that is working well for you.

I have seen the optogate PB-05 and often wished I had a few. They would be a huge help when working with people who are not intimately familiar with the L1®.

The last time I checked there were no distributors here in Canada. Where are you?

Do you have a web site?

How about telling us more about your band?

We have a section of the message board for that.

L1® Bands
"See a list of bands/ensembles/groups that are using the L1 system by genre, including details of instrument breakdown and stage setup."

edit-fixed link
Hi all, I am now via AUX sending a signal to FOC PA, the dry and FX chanels have AUX selected (level 50% and TaP pre) I get dry channel but on the FX channel I only get EQ and delay but no reverb....again the pole mix is spot on!...what am I doing wrong...thx...Bernard

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