This coming weekend, I will be providing sound for a fundraiser event at a reception hall. I did this event last year using my two L1 Compact speakers. The event consists of a dinner, a guest speaker, and an auction. Last year, I played background music for the dinner and provided a microphone for the guest speaker and for the auctioneer. I will be doing the same this year. Last year, the two L1 Compact speakers worked great in this venue, until the auction took place. There were a lot of people talking during the auction and some of the people in the back had trouble hearing the auctioneer. I would like to know, in your opinion, would it be better if I used my two L1 Compact speakers again, or use one (or two) of my F1 812 speakers on stands?

Below are some pictures of the layout of the venue. It seats up to 400 people. I believe last year's attendance was between 300 and 350. The venue does have a house PA system, but it does not work well or sound great.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Last Year's Event
Last Year's Event


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Hi Ryan,

Take the F1 Model 812 systems, both of them. The horizontal dispersion is not as wide as the L1 Compacts, but they project farther (more power, more drivers in the array). With two of them you should have enough coverage side-to-side.  Put the arrays in the straight position. If the people seated in the first few rows find the sound is muffled, then switch to the J-position.

Don't use the Reverse-J or C-position because these will throw sound upward, and you don't need or want that.

Do you have a 100 foot XLR (microphone) cable? If so, then bring along an L1 Compact. If necessary, you can run a line from one of the F1 Model 812 systems to the L1 Compact as an extension speaker toward the back of the room.



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Thanks for the feedback. There is a stage in the corner of the front of the room that's about 2 or 3 feet off the ground (hard to see in the pictures). Would it be best to put my speakers on that? I did that last year.

ST, yes I have a long XLR cable that I could run to another speaker in the back. I didn't think of that before, thanks for that tip!

Hi Ryan Martindale,

I took another look at your picture from last year. Do you have the dimensions of the room?


Put some distance between the F1 Model 812 systems. The principle is: Put the loudspeaker where you need the sound. Since you have a long cable you can set up like this

  • one on the stage a
  • one in position b
  • one in position c 
    facing the audience

Make sense?



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Hi Ryan Martindale,

For the auction, your priority is speech intelligibility.  You have a couple of choices.

A. Put the F1 Model 812 systems on the 50 foot wall.

  • Space them out at one-third intervals (e.g., 16 feet and 32 feet)
  • Aim them at the other 50-foot wall - 90 feet away
  • The greatest distance a loudspeaker to a listener is 90 feet
  • This may look more natural because people will be facing toward both loudspeakers
  • You will have to run the F1 Model 812 system louder than B - below
  • There will be a greater difference in volume from front to back compared to B - below.

B. Put the F1 Model 812 systems on the 90 foot wall.

  • Space them out at one-third intervals (e.g., 30 feet and 60 feet)
  • Aim them at the other 90-foot wall - 50 feet away
  • The greatest distance a loudspeaker to a listener is 50 feet
  • This may look less natural because people will be facing front but hearing the loudspeakers from the side
  • You can to run the F1 Model 812 system softer than A - above
  • There will be a more even volume from front to back compared to A - above.


Hi Ryan Martindale,

Yes, you may need to dial in some delay.  You'll have to check out the sound when you set up the L1 Compact to see whether or not you need it.  You may be able to get the relative volumes right so you don't.


There are multiple ways to handle the room, some just require more effort than others.  One of the easiest would be to use the 2 L1 Compacts along the long wall evenly split in distance. So, basically picture cutting the audience seating in half and then place each Compact along the long wall so each handles one half of the audience.  Easy peasy and you won't have to blow away the front folks to cover the rear ones as you would with the short wall single/dual F1 stack setup.  You will also not need to add any delay with the L1 Compact long wall configuration. Good Luck with your event, no matter which setup you choose!  

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