The single biggest most crazy change from T1 to T4S is the burial of the channel 5/6 music input volume controls under several menu manoeuvres in turning the master dial knob>selecting>selecting>selecting rather than the best option as was on the T1 a volume pot at the end of the channel pots.

All very well saying use the volume control on the device or software on the device playing the music but an instant reaction for anyone running a desk in to grab a slider or twist a pot.

Once I have the level set on my device n software to gain an appropriate mix tween music and mic per track I now use the master volume out Plus the mic channel pot to balance for many tracks.

if I turn the overall master out down to drop the music I have to raise the mic channel as that is automatically dropped by lowering the music.

I don’t know of any other “mixer” that operates in the same way.

If I didn’t love the sound so much I’d bin it as the headache it induces constantly having to be near the mic stand to adjust is mind numbing.

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Hi ScubaBadger,

Thanks for telling us how you are using your T4S (and adapting to the change from the T1).

That's an interesting approach; using the Master Volume and channel one volume to adjust the relative volume between your vocals and backing tracks.

Bose engineered the T4S ToneMatch mixer to have four full-function channels and two Aux channels. The Aux channels are routed directly to the Main Output with only Pan and Level adjustments (no changes for routing or signal processing).  This is similar to an effect return channel on other mixers.  It's convenient if you want to raise and lower the volume in tandem with the Master Volume. It's not convenient if you need to change the relative volume the other inputs.


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