I see that Speakon cable to connect the B1 has to be a "Four Wire". The guy at Guitar Center had no clue what this meant, however, we found some Speakon cables with only two pins inside and some with four (two on the post and two on the inside of the circle). Are the ones with four pins this "Four Wire" cable referred to in the manual?
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Unfortunately, the Speakon connector comes in three different flavors, NL2 (2-pins), NL4 (4 pins), and NL8 (4-pins). Most salespeople are not aware of the differences.
The Bose B1 requires a NL4 connector with all 4 pins connected (that's why we call it 4-wire cable).

A good source for these cale is

for example

If you call Mark and tell him you want the cable for the Bose B1, you will get on that is made to our specifications. You can also any custom length cable at a very reasonable price.

Hope that helps

The GC cables are fine if the connectors have (at least) 4 pins, and all of the 4 pins are connected to wires (4 wires total) on both sides.

That may sound stupid, but there are a bunch of cables out there that do have 4 pins on each connector, but only 2 of the 4 are actually connected.

There is an easy test. Disconnect the B1 while the system is playing (that's perfectly okay). If the system mutes for about a second after the disconnect and than comes back, the cable is fine. If there is no muting, it's the wrong cable.

Hope that helps


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