Folk-pop : 3 Piece : Tree-O

Tree-O is a 3 piece band.
For some venues, we only take the two L1 Model IIs.
Playing Folk-pop

Performing in wineries, clubs, private parties, some theatrical settings for audiences of 50-250
Show type: concert, party, happy hour

Using the L1® System since January 2005

Geographic location: Northern California

Notes about Tree-O
We emphasize vocals and original music, so the best setting for us is a concert setting.

Bose L1® equipment
Two L1 Model IIs, two T1s, one L1 Classic

Comments about the L1® System
The L1 is great for acoustic instruments and voice. We've become spoiled.

Web Site: Tree-O

The Players
Rick Palkovic: mandolin, dobro, guitar and vocals.
Jamie Knapp: upright bass and vocals.
George Haver: guitar, banjo and vocals.


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Hi Rikart,

Thanks for using The Sketcher! Here is your Sketch.

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L1® Model I/Classic
L1® Model II
T1 ToneMatch® audio engine
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Blue filled numbers are Channel connections to/from the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine.
Green numbers are for general notes about the Sketch and connections to non-Bose gear.

Quoting rikart from The Sketcher
Vocalist on L1 number 1 is playing mandolin, dobro, or guitar, but not all at the same time!

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