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I've found a wall mount for the F1's 812 array, But I need a flying cable mount system for the full F1 system. Cabling is no problem, it's the mounts for the speakers I need. Anybody know of a solution?



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Hi Ben,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community.  Welcome.

There are mounting options for the F1 Model 812. 

However, Bose engineered to the F1 Subwoofer to be placed on the stage or the floor. There are no Bose supplied options to suspend them.

For solutions for suspended loudspeakers, Bose has the DeltaQ array loudspeakers.  These are available through Bose Professional dealers.


Not sure if below options can help you.


Option 1:

Stainless Steel Ring screws M10 x 25mm x 2 + M10 x 40 x 4  (per F1 812 top)


Option 2: 

Bose F1 812 Yoke Mounting Kit (mounted vertically)


Option 3: 

Bose F1 812 U Bracket (mounted vertically or horizontally)

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