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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

This is the place to discuss the S1 Pro system.

I play an open mic night on Wednesdays where the host is a good friend of mine.   I asked ahead, if it would be OK if I brought my S1 out and set it up independent of his PA so I could try it in a live setting.  He said no problem.  This is a small bar/restaurant that has a good crowd this week.

I set the S1 on a small speaker stand off to the right of the tiny stage, hooked up my SM58 and put it on a mic stand behind the performance area.  Also attached a 1/4 inch cable for my guitar.  I had freshly charged the battery so that I could run on battery.

The host played a couple of songs through his standard 15 inch speakers then through the S1.   He stopped and said over the PA "man, all that sound is coming from that tiny box".  I didn't get a picture of the setup but the S1 looked pitifully tiny next to those 15 inch powered speakers on stands.

I played my set through the S1.  People couldn't believe that I was only playing through the S1.  They thought it was just another speaker off the "big PA".

IMO, the S1 really shines in these type venues.  The sound was clear and crisp.   It cut through the crowd noise, no prob.

A couple of observations.

With the unit sitting off to my far right, making adjustments mid set was almost impossible without someone helping you   I haven't tried the appc.  Can you adjust treble, bass or reverb for channel 1 and 2 from it?

I'd like to see a master volume control.  Once you get balanced, it's a pain to rebalance both channels if your volume needs to change.

It would be nice to have, at least, a total ststem mute button.   Again, you either have to turn each channel down or turn the unit off.

Does the app address any of these issues?  I'll give it a look later today.

Original Post

There's a club up in town where I often sit in on lead with a seasoned local performer playing the happy hour (he used to appear on TV in Hawai'i 5-0, Love Boat, etc) and then I'm usually asked to kick off the open mic with a long set.

Their PA consists of an older powered PA head/amp - I think Yamaha - running into 2 Bose 802s without a controller.  The sound is very muddy (as expected without the Bose controller).  Therefore, I find the crowd often "tuning out" on everybody due to ear and brain fatigue caused by trying to hear what's going on through the mud.  I also often end up straining my voice to get anything close to what is a routine "mix" at home with the S1s...and it still sounds like I'm singing into a telephone.

The next good chance I get, I'm going to arrange to go up there with my 2 Bose S1s (and the cool stands I just got that fold up to about 16" in their cases**) and Behringer 1002b mixer and use my system for the Happy Hour and my set instead of the house PA - and run it ALL on battery! 

I suspect my experience will be the same as yours was - much better sound that fills that restaurant.


** Sunburst Gear CTS1-BLK Compact Tripod Speaker Stand

PS: The App does not let you control the mix or eq on the S1s.  That's why I routinely use an external mixer sitting right next to me to control the mix, mute, etc.

For Solo work, I run the DI output of my AER Tommy Emmanuel amp which mixes my vocal and guitar into one S1 then output of that into the other.

When more are playing, I use a Behringer 1002b 5 channel mixer (about $100) which can also be run on batteries.

When even more are playing, I use a QSC Touchmix 16 (more than $100, he-he) into the 2 S1s and sometimes add my JBL EON ONE if necessary.

I've thought about using my T1 Tonematch from the L1 M2 to control the S1.   But then I'd need to carry the T1 and it's power supply, which I'd have to buy, around.  

Doin that kind of defeats the purpose for buying the S1.  My whole reason for buying an S1 was to be ultra simple and ultra portable.  If I have to haul a bunch of stuff around, I might as well just use the L1 M2 with either the B1 or B2.

My minimal setup takes just one trip:

Mic stand, Guitar, Pedal board in small case, Behringer mixer in a laptop computer case, S1 Pro in backpack case with all wires/microphone, etc.

If I get real lazy or have a long walk, I can toss in a fold up carrying cart.

Chet 3 posted:

My minimal setup takes just one trip:

Mic stand, Guitar, Pedal board in small case, Behringer mixer in a laptop computer case, S1 Pro in backpack case with all wires/microphone, etc.

If I get real lazy or have a long walk, I can toss in a fold up carrying cart.

I agree.  I have the S1 in the backpack along with mic and cables.   Mic and speaker stand in a canvas tube bag I took from a fold up chair. 

S1 on back, guitar in one hand, stand bag in the other.  One trip, 5 minute setup.   Love it!  That's why I don't want to add a bunch of pieces to the mix.

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