Well, yesterday I took the plunge, left my guitar pedal board home and took my new T1 to a sizable outdoor gig at Descanso Gardens. Nice crowd (450-ish), classic setup with our 3 Classics (except for pushing the fiddle player's unit a bit further out for off-axis considerations - Crown condensor mic).

Still don't know how to fit multiple pics in one post so... the next several replies continue the story:

First, what I left home (soon to be on EBay): Furman power conditioner pedal board, Whirlwind 4-channel multiselector, Yamaha AGStomp, programmed with individual settings for my 6-string, 12-string, and bouzouki.


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All of us and our Classics. Did I say how great the T1 was? Of course I did. But let me note that the tuner really worked for me, as other included tuners have not. I found it easy to use on the fly, while the bandmates were yakking with the crowd. It was a warm, humid day, and tuning was needed along the way. Easy to mute and tune with no one the wiser. My Intellitouch tuner stayed in the bag, one less thing to keep track of!
In summary, the T1 was all I expected and more. This was the clearest, crispest sound I've gotten yet with my L1/B1. I attribute that the Tonematch presets (Taylor GA strum, Taylor Jumbo strum, Ac. Guitar flat -bouzouki). I hadn't been able to use the presets before since I was running 3 guitars into Ch. 2.

My happiest post-gig moment was when several people approached the stage to ask about the guitars and bouzouki, and oh by the way, who was playing bass? Moi. No! One older guy was looking around behind me as if to find the hidden bass source. I tried to explain, but he had me turn on the system and show him. "Sir, if you were hearing bass out there in the audience, I've done my job right." Was all I could say. He walked away shaking his head.

The younger guy knew Taylor guitars have a tasty low end range, and was really impressed at how the L1/B1/T1 made the most of it!

One more for the road. A good day:
Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and your experience with the T1. I just got 2 new double bass model II systems and T1s for a band at church. The T1 for my personal double bass classic just arrived today. I can't wait to get home and try it!
I love outdoor gigs with good weather and happy crowds. I agree with Pete. "sheer beauty in every way"
Thanks again for the post.
My first gig with the T1 will be this Saturday.
What fun!
Good luck to you this Saturday! I think you'll find the T1 easy to use. The main trick for me was to remember to hit the channel edit button for the instrument you want to change. For instance, I'd be playing guitar and want to tune in between numbers, so I'd crank around to the tuner and wonder why it wasn't picking up my signal well. Well, I'd been playing with my 12-string settings a while back and that Channel Edit button was still pushed, even though I'd gone on to playing another instrument.

I'm going to develop the habit of hitting the Channel Edit button before doing anything instrument in hand.

Thanks to you and Pete for the kind words!


Do you mute the "unused" channels when you switch instruments ? If you do, you could try to make a habit of hitting the "channel edit" everytime you take a channel out of mute.
I've tried that a couple of times when switching basses and it works fairly well for me. I do
a) hit mute on Channel 1
b) put bass 1 down
c) pick up bass 2
d) hit unmute and Channel Edit on channel 2

This way I don't even have to touch the volume controls on the bass and can go directly back to where I was.

Hope that helps

Hilmar, thanks. Sounds like a good plan. Yes, I keep all else muted. I used to have to: stomp the mute(empty) button on my Whirlwind unit, stomp the appropriate button on my Yamaha. The button thing is much more elegant, and bipping the ch. edit at the same time would work.

Ken, thanks. I've learned a lot from scanning these forums - more than you'd know from my replies. Just want to give back. OK, and show off just a little. Notice I didn't post pics of us jammed into 5 feet playing for a volunteer supper in a cramped hotel roomlet! Or me with a mic up my nose (just another inch and it could have been...)!

Heh! Okay, the coffee's kicking in,
Thanks for the great feedback on the T1. I know that my bandmate, Mike in Texas, is waiting on his new T1 to arrive locally at GC. It will be interesting to see the diffence it makes with our L1 classics. I am sure I will be adding it to my gear in the immediate future. I noticed that you were playing during the day. (Great pictures) Was there any difficulty reading the display on the T1 due to the sunlight?

We played an outdoor dance with a model 2 and 2 T1's last weekend. The screen was always easy to read. The light inside the buttons was harder.

I had to block the sunlight with my hand to see if the mute was on or off.

The selected channel button was easier - not because I could see its light, but because the display top line tells you the edit channel selected.

Jim M
Hi Chas,
If you're using any kind of outboard gear that the T1 replaces, I think you'll be very pleased. Great as the gear formerly known as mine was, it has been smoked by the T1. Those presets work real well and get the most out of the L1.

The display was easy to read in the dappled light. The mute buttons were occasionally enigmatic and I had to shade with my hand to make sure they were lit.

David, well gawrsh. So many kind words. Thank you!

As to your wish you woulda... do what I do. Sell that mixer and anything else sitting around unused, and buy the T1. The only reason my pedal board et al isn't on Ebay today is that it has a bunch of Velcro backing on it that will take a bucket o' GooGone to remove. And my husband has volunteered, so...

If a piece of gear makes your work easier and your music better for you and your audience, I'd say GO for it if at all feasible.

It's such a trip to see my reg year as 2003 on my posts... even before ST! Wow! Ken Bausano (JazzHorn) wrote me about these incredible systems (as well as my bandmate's son, who worked for GC at the time) and I think pointed me here for further study. My reaction was similar to yours. Wow! I'll have people to process all this with!

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