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Feedback with Martin Performing Artist and Shure mic with Harmony Singer pedal

I too am having feed back problems. I cant increase the volume control on the Bose for the guitar input  past the 50% level without having severe feedback. I am using a Harmony Singer stomp box. Could that be part of the problem? What if I adjust the Gain control on the Harmony Singer will that help? I am sitting behind the Bose and off to the left and playing a Martin Performing Artist Guitar.  My Mike is a Shure  SM58. Please advise

Original Post

Hello, Don.

I am sorry no one has replied to your question.

What model L1® do you have? 

Do you have a T1®  or other mixer? (If not a Bose ToneMatch mixer, please provide a link to the owners manual).

Are you getting feedback from the guitar or vocal microphone?

Looking at the owners guide for the TC-Helicon Harmony Singer it doesn't look like there is anything going on inside that device that could be causing feedback from your guitar.

If the feedback is from the vocal microphone, then yes, the TC-Helicon Harmony Singer could be contributing to the feedback. You might do well to turn down the Reverb. Yes, the gain control can also be contributing to feedback.

Please tell us more about the feedback. Is it from the guitar or vocal microphone? Is it a howl from the guitar (especially with open strings ringing). Is it specific to particular notes?

Have you tried a sound-hole feedback suppressor?

Please help us to understand what you're experiencing.

Thank you,

Bose Pro Community Admin 

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