We recently had Tony Sarno perform here at Bose and it reminded how great the L1 is at distributing electric guitar throughout the room.

Tony was playing a vintage Tele through a Fender Pro Junior with a Sennheiser E609 placed slightly off axis. The T1 preset was Electric Guitar>Mic'd AMP E609.

Anyone else have a favorite combo?

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Everyday workin' it.

PRS 513 + McIntyre Bluesmaker II with direct out (post power stage) - very similar to Lexicon 284 that was based on this design.

Travelling light - I'll just take the Mesa V-Twin instead of the McIntyre.

If I need lots of versatility and fast switching then I'll take the Line6 PodXTLive.

T1® Preset
Electric Guitars
Flat , E. Guitar zEQ

more info: ST: What I run through my L1® / Electric Guitar
Since no one else is talking (why?) this is going out to my gig with me tonight.

It's been a very long time since I fired up my Carvin Quad-X amp. I used to run it through a stereo Mosvalve 500 into a Boogie 2x12 or 802s believe it or not.

Yesterday I ran a 77 Gibson Artisan into the Quad-X into the T1® to my Model II with 2 x B1s. Awesome. The one shown here is not mine, but mine is pretty much identical right down to the yellowed inlay in the headstock and the gleaming white inlay in the neck.

4 channels - no waiting

5 effects loops

9 tubes

Cabinet voicing

Noise gate on first stage of preamp

Mine (yes of course I have two) are circa 1992. Discontinued around 1994. Some folks are still wondering why.

I ran this into T1® Channel 4 using the Preset
Category: Electric Guitars
Preset: Gibson Les Paul

I was very pleased.

The Artisan also known as the Hearts and Flowers Les Paul is heavy, 12 pounds at least. Only to be worn with a neoprene strap for sure. We get Guitars for all kinds of reasons. I have no *good* reason for having this one but there is a lot of sentimental significance to it. So it's here to stay.

If you want to hear someone playing a Quad-X hit kmguitarslinger on myspace

Harmony Central Reviews

Carvin Quad-X amp manual

Gibson Artisan
I have a Fender Pro Junior & have used it with my Strat & an Audio Technica mic a few times.

I prefer going direct with a Boss Fender Deluxe Reverb Pedal.

I have also considered using a classic Pignose just for grins.

The other guitarist in one of my bands uses a Fender Blues Junior with his Strat all the time.

Oh boy ... do I have to pick a favorite?

My favorite right now is a Blackheart head and 12" speaker cab:

Blackheart 5W Class A

with an e609 hanging over the front:

Senn e609

My all time favorite is using a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue ... 22Watts of pure joy:

Deluxe Reverb

But I noticed that Fender has reissued the '65 Princeton which would be an easier haul than the Deluxe Reverb:


So many choices, so little time. Smile

Fun stuff,
ooooooohhhhhhhhh.....Gibson Hearts & Flowers Artisan....drool....

Flashbacks to the days of beautiful Gibson guitars that weighed a ton...my back (and wallet) still ache...but, oooooooooohhhhhhhh................

I'm sorry, where was I, again? Big Grin

BTW: For those of you who were in Little Switzerland and met me face to face, prior to the seventies I was 6'2" tall...but I'm sure, somewhere in the US is a Les Paul that's still sustaining from the power chord I struck in the summer of '76...

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