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Some times space is limited... how did it sound at that 70s show?

It sounded very nice. The ceiling was high but I still ran the C position. This was my first time running without the subs. The Bose F1 Model 812 is no slouch on low end running full range. 

Thank you!  That night myself and our singer tried in ear monitors in a live setting for the first time.  We ended up ditching them after the first set.  It was a weird feeling being isolated from all the crowd noise.  Typically I use three 12" EV-ZLX speakers as our monitors, but I left two of them at home since we were trying out the in ears.  Our drummer was the only one who had an EV monitor in this pic.  Luckily I had my compact with me in my car so I just plugged it in and it worked out great for a monitor in a pinch.

This was during sound check on Saturday. We normally set up L1 Model II systems for concerts like this, but we had the F1 stacks in place so we used them instead. Great sound out front.

I got to try the Shure KSM9 microphone through the F1s. I agree with you, that's a nice microphone.  If I needed another high-end microphone, it would be a contender for sure.



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