Hello Lou D,

All you have to do to register is add your name to the wiki page. (link below)

I have done this for you, but you can go there and sign up for some of the activities.

When you get to the page, there are instructions. The short version of these is...

Look over the page to see what is there.

To add information to the page, click the "Edit" tab near the top, center. Create and account (about 30 seconds) and then follow the formatting you see there and add yourself to the lists for events.

Here is the link:
2007 Fall Rocky Mountain Conference

Lou I have added you to the list of people coming from the region. When you edit the page, please find the line with your name and add what instruments you play and a if you like a very very short description about you. You'll see what I mean when you look at the information others have provided.

Here is a link to where I added your name: Folks from the Region
How close are you to "sold out" on the Fall conference?

I hadn't seriously considered coming, but I just got home from a week near Boulder, and another hit of Colorado air sounds pretty good right now. Plus it seems some good air fares from Seattle may be available, so suddenly I'm thinking about it.
How many folks will be leaving first thing Tuesday morning? David Enke has graciously offered to have more music & a tour of some really cool instruments & woods at his studio in La Veta for any that would like to stay another day or part of a day. The Timbers (where we're meeting) will be closing for the season when we're done Tuesday morning although the Cuchara Inn (where we're staying) will still be open.

My flight leaves Denver around 3:30, but I can change to a later flight without penalty. My question is the same as BabyBlueEyes. What time frame are we talkin'. Smile

Side note, I'm bringing my dad with me. This will be a trip of a lifetime for a father/son.

Would like to raise the "Thank you!" banner to Tom for his hard work and organization in laying the ground work. And of course, thank you to everyone at-Bose for making this possible as well.

La Veta is about 10 miles down the road from Cuchara. You'll be driving through it on the way in. David would probably be willing to have folks drop by anytime on Tuesday. I know there is no definite plan yet. He has a great shop with some really cool stuff - especially weird stringed instruments.

I know that these conferences always go by too quickly, & I'm always left wishing there was more time to talk & play music. My advice is to take advantage of the extra time on Tuesday to spend more time with folks if you can.

Ken added to the wiki that Bose will pick up the meal on Monday night. Other meals include:

    Breakfast $15.00 per person

    Buffet consisting of eggs, bacon, biscuits, fruit, cereal, milk, waffles

    Lunch $15.00 per person

    Deli spread including cold cuts, cheeses, breads, salad

    Dinner $20.00 per person

    Buffet consisting of chicken dinner including salad, bread, corn, & potatoes

Is this okay with everyone? does anyone have special dietary needs?

Hi Folks,


Tom and I have discussed this and we will leave the conference open until Monday morning on the chance that there are a few folks that were about to announce their attendance.

After 8:00 AM EST Monday, we will not be accepting any more people.


Ken and Tom.
I just got word from Ken & Kim about the hike again. Kim says:

Please tell everyone, it's a drive to the top of Cordova Pass (dirt road, but easy enough for our little Hyundai to make it) and then a short 'walk' to the vista. About a half mile at the most one way. But it is easy terrain, no big huffs and puffs up steep mountain sides!

The Monday morning suggestion sounds the best, just because of the altitude for those coming from 'lowlands'. They would be not so stressed if they had been there a day or two. We 'highlanders' forget about that issue for them! It probably will be chilly though, warm clothes advisable, and of course, at 11,000 feet, weather permitting :0
Hi all,
I wish I could make this work but just can't this time. The new business is keeping me busy and the band is in full swing for our busy season. Thanks for the hard work Tom and hope to see you down the road at the next one! I'll be looking forward to reading the posts!
Evan found out on his 13th birthday yesterday that he was coming to the conference. Oh my. If you could bottle that face!

Anyway, I wanted to leave it up to him whether he wanted to play for the group. He said without hesitation DEFINITELY, and has been shedding ever since.

Life is good.

Hey guys. I spent all afternoon & most of tonight taking delivery on 5 Model II systems & T1's off a a big freight palett from Bose to use at the conference. I updated all firmware, tested, organized, & ran some sound through them. Do you know how long it takes just to unbox & unwrap 19 boxes worth of stuff? But the excitement is building, & every day I look forward to seeing you all even more.

We'll have several more people signing up for Monday night slots. Keep the ideas coming!

It looks like the Monday morning hike is filling up nicely.

David Enke would be glad to have folks over anytime between 11 & 4 Tuesday for those who would like a tour or a bit of lunch & hospitality before they catch a plane. We'll have directions at the conference.

Are we forgetting anything?

[corrected spelling]
Hi, All -
I've totally fallen off the map these last few weeks because of a musical I'm in this week... it's completely usurped everything else in my life (but in a good way!). Thanks to all of you who have/are offering help re: setup of my system and advice on guitars, etc... I will definitely use the message boards to try and do some troubleshooting once I have a chance.

A few more thoughts:

-I would love to add my name to the group of hikers for Monday morning.

-I've booked a double room at the Inn but will be traveling solo to the conference. If there is another female attending who would like to share a room, please let me know.

-I'm feeling a little, um, out of my league with respect to the song list for Monday night but would love to participate as a vocalist if it works out (especially since I only see one song so far that's got a female lead vocalist for part of the number). Between generation and genre, I'm not terribly familiar with most of the songs listed, and I'm a bit nervous about trying to do backup vocals on-the-fly; if I come up with something else to offer that I know a little bit better, I'll post it and see what y'all think Smile If not, I am always a happy audience member, too.

Thanks... very much looking forward to this!

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