Hey Ken,

I'm so glad that Evan will be coming with you. When my son Kevin was 12, I took him with me to a concert by David Wilcox, a wonderful singer/songwriter from N.C. It was one of many musical events we shared over the years. Kevin is 27 now and called me tonight to tell me he had been to a Wilcox concert in Birmingham last night. We talked for a long while about how David's music had enriched our lives even to this day.

Ah, the memories we make with our kids are some of the best investments we can make. Life is good.

Bose Guy in Calgary here:

I'm driving down to Cuchara for the conference (am I nuts?) and will have at least two empty seats. If there are any owners or reps in Great Falls, Billings, Casper, Cheyenne, Denver, Colorado Springs or smaller towns on that route, please feel free to contact me.
I can even pick up at either the Denver or Colorado Springs airport and perhaps save someone a rental car.
As far as timing is concerned, I plan to leave Calgary early Saturday morning and overnight in Casper. Will be blowing through Denver around noon on Sunday (or perhaps make other arrangements). Planning on Cuchara about 5:00pm Sunday.
Glad to have company anytime.
holliwil and Ken... thanks for your input and encouragement re: attendance. I *really* would like to be there. The time is open for me; I just gotta come up with the money for lodging. I can get to Cuchara on my own just fine but would like to share a cabin with one or more people (preferrably female, depending on how things are arranged). Anyone out there need a roommate? Say, "Yes," and I'll register!
I couldn't believe how excited I felt about this conference; it just didn't make sense to not be a part of it Smile

I do have a question: I'm using a first-generation L1 system and don't know anything about ToneMatch. Regarding the question on the wiki page about whether one wants to have custom presets developed for instruments and voice, is this something that I can take advantage of even if I'm not using the ToneMatch device?

Regarding whether you can take advantage of custom ToneMatch presets, you need a T1 to enjoy the preset. However, if you think you may purchase a T1 in the future (and assuming Cliff concurs), it would be cool to have the preset created for future use. (perhaps you could download the preset from Bose at a later date).

Hope that helps/make sense.


ToneMatch is the presets on your Classic & on the T1 & new Model I. You probably won't be able to add a custom preset to your Classic, but if you get a T1 you can add it to that. The T1 works great with a Classic. It gives you 4 more inputs with presets & also effects & ZEQ on each of those 4 new channels.

Tom and John - thanks for the info re: ToneMatch. I may get a T1 sometime in the future, but it'll probably be a ways down the road... I currently use a Mackie DFX 12 with my L1 system for reverb and expansion capabilities; the T1 wasn't available when I put my system together. I like the idea, however, of establishing a preset in case I do acquire a T1 in the future. A few more questions related to this (and sorry for the long message... I've never been to one of these conferences so I'm trying to figure out what to expect):

1. Is there any room/time at the conference for me to bring the Mackie and get some assistance with making it work with the L1? I'm guessing no, but I thought I'd at least ask. I know the basics, but it seems like each new component added = one more complication in terms of making things sound good!

2. In the meantime, does it make sense to work with Cliff at the conference to determine if there are Classic L1 presets that would work best with my guitar and my vocal mic? I don't believe there are any established for a Godin of any kind (I play a Multiac Steel Acoustic) or for an Audix OM-3 (though I think I saw the OM-5).

3. Might someone be able to talk to me about how to mic my music partner's Martin guitar w/o a pickup (unfortunately, he won't be at the conference)? It's a total pain in the u-know-what... such a beautiful guitar, but tough to make sound good w/ a mic (I can't remember the model #... I'll find out). I *might* be able to bring the guitar with me, but not the musician to whom it belongs, unfortunately.

Thanks for your patience, guys... I feel like I'm *so* way in over my head, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? Smile

I would say that unless you think you'll pick up a T1 in the next year I wouldn't have a preset made at the conference. If Cliff has extra time he could, but it sounds like something you won't use for quite a while. We could give you advice in the offtimes at the conference if we have some on the best presets for your guitar & voice.

Answer to question 1) I don't know if we can specifically deal with hooking up the Mackie & getting a sound. We tend to run out of time in a hurry at the conferences. I'd say let's try to help you here on the forum now, & then maybe we'll already have it worked out by the time of the conference. Let's start a new thread in whichever forum you'd like where we can work with your sound. You should detail what you're trying to do, what equipment you're working with, & what instruments & vocals you're plugging in, & we'll help you get the sound you're after.

Question 2) I think we can work this out before the conference. Let's search for what others are using for the OM-3. Remember that your ears are the final judge.

Question 3) We can talk about this too. The best solution is usually to use a pickup/s for acoustic guitars. It's very hard to get a good sound without feedback as you already know.

Let me know what forum you'd like to start a discussion about this, & I'll follow you there. The community will most likely chime in as well & give you some great ideas.

Just made reservations at the Yellow Pine Ranch. I have the Ridge View Cabin. Only 1/4th mile from the conference hotel. No TV - no land line - no cell phone - just peace and quiet! I'll bet my Martin sounds great in this peace and quiet! Plus, I can walk to and from the conference hotel. Looking forward to the experience! Check out the photos via the link on this site! Way cool!!!!!


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