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Lewist posted:

Hi Everyone,

I found a better solution for the Bose F1 Sub Rolling Bag, The Gator GPS-715 Fits perfectly and has wheels, it's $159.00 add $20 and your speaker case has wheels!

For the Bose F1 812, I found a Duffle Bag with wheels that will fit snugly.

  I got it from Ebags and it's $50/each added some foam inserts on the top and bottom, I added a BOSE logo on the side of the bag.

Hope this helps.



Best regards,


Hi there 

saw this thread having just brought an F1 system 

then just purchased what I hope is the same case as yours 

when I do a search for the gator GPS - 715 it comes up as the GPA 715 - just checking you put in the correct name ?😀

the store i brought it from are now telling me it won’t fit the Bose F1 sub 

so I’m a little confused 

look forward to hearing from you 




Personally, I like the Bose bags.  Every one of us who has been in the business for a long time knows how speakers can get bumped, banged around, and scuffed up in transport.  These bags, while expensive, do a great job of keeping my investment safe from getting all banged up.  They ARE a bit awkward trying to get them zipped up because of the tight fit at times.  And I also had a problem with the zipper snapping off.  I used a key ring to replace it and it works fine.

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