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Hi Joel,

Originally posted by Joelheck:
A price schedule would be nice.
I know they don't reveal any advanced info, but I would imagine a mixer of some sort is probably coming. Especially since they did not add a Tonematch T1 port. Same mistake as the L1 Compact. That has been a foolish oversight since day 1. I stopped holding my breath for a L1 Compact MII. It never made sense to skip it.

I'm sure the pricing will be published soon.

ToneMatch Port

I've been thinking about this since I first heard about the F1 Model 812 (F1 - to refer to the top without the F1 Subwoofer).

I go round and round trying to imagine who would use it(edit) a ToneMatch port in an F1 . I personally would like to have seen it, but then I've already got a T1®. But at least for now, as I try to imagine the situations where I would use an F1, I'd probably be using two F1s with Subwoofers. In that configuration I think I'd be using my T1® with an L1® with me on the stage and using a more conventional mixer for the F1s.

I wonder about using the F1 at the same kinds of gigs as many people do... a single speaker on a stick for a small gig. It's easy enough to imagine and I see this kind of setup in lots of small venues. Size, weight, price... these all seem in the ballpark for this kind of gig.

But then I remember that for those small venues, I've been using my Compact that is smaller, lighter, less money, and easier to set-up. And yes, I do wish that the Compact had a ToneMatch port too, but that's another discussion.

So I keep swinging back around to this: In any situation that I'd likely use an F1 and connect my T1 directly to, I'd probably use a Compact. Model 1S or Model II instead. If I have to put the F1 up on a stand, then the footprint is going to be bigger than any L1. And from what I can see in the specifications the L1s all have wider horizontal dispersion. For most small gigs I want that wide dispersion. (edit) I think an L1 is a better fit for a solo performer and I don't think that the solo performer is the intended audience for the F1.

In any situation that I'd need the Front of House power that the F1 offers, I think that to fully utilize that, I'd have an L1 on stage with me as my monitor, and I'd connect the T1 to the F1 using an analog connection.

So while I agree with you and Oldghm that it might have seemed a more complete offering if the ToneMatch port had been in there, I don't think that I'd actually use it much.

edit - noted above, for clarity
Original Post
I think the ToneMatch port is important if Bose is serious about ToneMatch technology.

I recall the talk that Ken gave at Cuchura where he likened ToneMatch to sound as Adobe is to color in computers. A lofty dream perhaps, but Bose has to supply the tools if the dream is to come true.

The F1 as a piece of a complete system (monitors and multi-channel ToneMatch mixer) that utilizes ToneMatch connectivity and ease of great sound should be something we would all like to have.

I would agree that those of us who already have L1s would not necessarily need a ToneMatch port, however those who are new Bose users, buying for the first time, might be more inclined to buy into the idea, if it was available.

Would the tonematch eq settings be appropriate for the f1? I remember when I saw Cliff creating a tonematch preset it was always through an L1. I assume that the overall sound and balance in the F1 is similar to the L1, just louder and with a more flexible coverage pattern.

If that is the case, I agree that not including a tone match port is a very lamentable omission.

I'm still looking forward to hearing the system.

I'm not sure these new F1 speakers were really meant to be used with a Tone Match mixer.

The reason I say this is that one of the Bose folks recently indicated that the F1 speakers are designed to be placed in front of the musicians (like a traditional PA system). If you do that you'll need stage monitors, and (realistically) a mixer out in the audience, not on stage with the musicians, because performers on stage won't really be able to hear the F1 speakers too well if said speakers are in front of the performers. This scenario is shown very clearly in the promo video of the sound techs trying out the new speakers.

A larger digital mixer from Bose would be interesting nonetheless, though I think it would likely not be in any way designed to be a part of the L1 philosophy in the way the Tone Match mixer is.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. The L1 approach doesn't work for every situation. Sometimes a more traditional approach is required. The important thing is the sound quality (and quality of the equipment). I continue to be impressed with my L1 and am more than interested in the new F1 speakers for certain situations.

It's always interesting (to me anyway) to see what Bose will come out with next...


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