F1 812x2 and F1 Subx1 Configuration

Hi all,

I have recently purchased 2xf1 812, 1xf1 sub, and behringer x air xr12 mixer for some karaoke/live singing in/out door. 

One issue I am currently having is when the music is playing there are some squeaky noise. Since i do not have enough technical to describe the issue, I have included a short record with issue is noticed at 14-18 seconds.

https://drive.google.com/open?...JPOzCbUJja2Y3M2hYX1U (link to record clip with issue)

this issue occurs on almost every song and i do not know how to fix it.

the way i configure my set up are similar to what the f1 sub manual have advised.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/dxA4fxYTBoIrTqSq1 (link to current setup for f1 system)

Note: there is not any issue with the f1 812 if they are being use without the sub. The issue started to occur because of f1 sub.

I believe i must have done something wrong within the mixer or the configuration of the f1 system.

Will the problem be solved if I separate the f1 sub to the mixer? what i mean is in the following link:


Please give me any advise in fixing this issue.
Thank you very much for your help!

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Thank you for joining the Community and thank you for your thorough description of the issue.

This configuration looks fine.

I don't think you need to do this.

I'm not sure I'm hearing what you're hearing at 14-18 seconds. I hear something similar at around 6 seconds and it could be the grills resonating.

Please try pressing your hand gently on the grills of the F1 Model 812 and F1 Subwoofer as your music is playing. Does the squeaky noise stop?

Please let us know.




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Thank you very much ST for replying to my question.

it doesn't appear to be grill resonating as the sound still occur.

the sound happened at 5 and 14-18 seconds. it similar to the feedback sound of the mic when it's point directly into the speaker, but i already got my mic turn off in this case. I wonder if you can hear it with some increase in volume?

Hi hiepngq,

I turned up the volume, and I hear something like a hollow howling sound at 5 and 14-18 seconds.

  • Do you hear this in different locations?
  • Do you have anything in your signal path that uses vacuum tubes? Sometimes ageing vacuum tubes go microphonic.
  • What inputs (microphones and other devices) are connected to your mixer?
  • Do you hear the sound if you connect your music source directly to the F1 Subwoofer -> F1 Model 812? (no mixer or other devices).
  • Do you hear it if you turn off one of the F1 Subwoofers?
  • Have you tried changing the EQ settings on the F1 Model 812 (Full Range / With Sub)?



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