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Hi .. anybody can help me with the right choice.. as i'm suffering from my bose f1 as the limiter is work whenever i raise the volume.. so i'm all the time sitting behind the speaker to to make the volume up and down! This really pain!.. so i'm thinking to get the evolv 50.. it it better?? 


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Hi Tarek

In addition to my Bose gear, I also have a pair of evolve 50s. In my experience the Evolve 50 max spl of 127 is well below (almost 6db) of your F1 812 box at 132 spl. The F1 812 would be noticeably louder.

Is the Evolve 50 better? It's a great full range system for 100-200 people, the F1 system with subs would be louder and cover larger events

My suggestion would be to check on your gain structure to be sure your signal levels are correct. 

Good Luck!


Hi, Tarek.

Please see your other discussion: Jbl eon 615 vs. f1 812.

I could attempt to compare the EV Evolve 50 I'd end up saying the same thing.

The most meaningful way to compare loudspeakers is to listen to them. Looking at the technical data these two loudspeakers, I cannot make meaningful projections about the differences you can expect in a performance setting.



I bought bose f1 (speaker only) from about 2 months and i returned it back because of limit problem.. now i saw the evolve 50.. i need to compare both speakers as ( i really liked the bose), but it has a problem. ... now i need to know if the evolve has the same power? As in low end subwoofer speaker as both are 12" .. please i need your professional help & support  .

Thanks .

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Bose Pro Community Admin 

I own both and they are completely different. The ev50 is for smaller crowds. the F1 system is for bigger crowds.  the EV can't touch the Bose in how it distributes sound.   just my 2 cents from using them both often.    The ev 50 is way easier to set up. and lighter. 

@Yendor did u try both f1 and the evox jimix 8? As i found it on so maybe i can have it shipped to egypt.. but i need a comaprison between them in sound distribution ... as if still the bose f1 better so i'll get it again.. @djadvisor what' ur opinion? And for the Hk elements? Any suggestions?? Thanks guys but i really need to get a good speaker thanks for ur help

Dear @Yendor , sorry but i'm not professional so i need to know as i read that the evox is a 2 ways speaker array , and the bose F1 is a fullrange speaker.. so is it the F1 better ??? Sorry but i'm really confused .. as i found the evolve but it will come by order only so i can't try it before buying.. kindly need tour help and anyone who can help me please .. many thankss..

Dear all i need your support as 'm not a professional user  so i need to know as i read that the evox is a 2 ways speaker array , and the bose F1 is a fullrange speaker.. so is it the F1 better ??? Sorry but i'm really confused .. as i found the evolve but it will come by order only so i can't try it before buying.. kindly need your help please .. many thankss.. 

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Bose Pro Community Admin

The F1-812 is a fullrange (2-way) speaker that has a woofer + a flexible array of mids/highs. However it also comes with a separate matching sub that can be purchased if required.

The Evox comes as a satellite + sub combo (cannot be split up).

The Bose F1 with it's Sub will be IIRC more powerful than the Evox 12 (the most powerful of the Evox series). What you decide to purchase will be based upon your requirements & usage. Quality & Sound of both are really good.

If you'd like something more powerful in the Evox format, check out the  dB Technologies ES1203. I have the db's & they too are excellent. So based on what platform you'd like to hop onto, plus your budget & backup service in your area, you can take a call.

Hope this helps ....

I just did a side by side comparison of the rcf evox 12, vs the F1 system.   We ran flat signal to each and I was shocked that the rcf sounded better.  I have 2 of the F1 system. And ordered the evox 12 a day later.    I am still stunned at the difference. 

It was interesting, the base was more pronounced and the Highs seemed a bit clearer.  the thing is the RCF Top sits higher than the 812. that may have contributed to some of it.  I really felt that my Bose was going to out run the RCF but it was not the case and it was apparent very quickly that the Bose sounded out matched pretty quickly.  With that said, I thought my Bose walked on water. tell i did the side by side. 

The room i was in was small so I don't have a good answer on coverage or dispersion. 


@djadvisor what position did you have the baffle in? What were the output settings on the F1 top and bottom? I have found that mirroring the settings won't produce best balanced output. For example if I set my F1 top to 10 o'clock, I will set the sub to 12 o'clock for best balance. Did you have the F1 top set to full range or with sub. For me, full range sounds heavely at low to moderate volumes. 

@djadvisor i have only the top loudspeaker and it's set to fullrange , i already returned it.. i'm thinking on getting the evox jimix 8 but i'm not sure if it's. Etter or not after all this discussion 😅😅😅 if u have any other infos please let me know and thank u soo much for ur help 😊🤗 kindly check attachments sure u'll understand more than me in technical specs 😊😊😊 thanks again


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