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EQ settings on F1

Let me start by saying I use Platinum Notes on all of my pre-recorded music. With it I get a nice even sound on all my tracks.

I noticed that if I use my compacts I can basically have my Eq set to flat and I get amazing sound. A full complete crisp sound and plenty of high's

But with the f1's I noticed I really have to play with the Eq settings for the highs to come out. If I leave it flat it seems to be just lows and mids.

Anyone else who has compacts and f1s have the same experience when using the same audio.
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Hi Joe,

This is a great observation and I'm happy that you brought this up.

I agree with you, the different models sound different.

As I'm reading this, I'm in a room where I have L1® Model IIs, Compacts, and F1 Stacks (F1 Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer) set up so that I can switch between them, and I do switch between them as I'm doing other things. It's part of how I tune my ear and my expectations.

They all sound different, although at low volume and for music without a lot of bass, the Compacts are a good stand-in for the L1® Model IIs. And at mid level volume the Model IIs are just fine in a head-to-head comparison with the F1s. But they do sound different.

I don't expect to hear the same output from the same input when switch between these systems. And the differences become more apparent as the volume goes up and when source material is demanding. For example: When I run the Compacts full out, it sometimes seems as though the mid-highs outpace the bass, especially as you get farther away or outdoors. You have to be running a LOT louder to have the same sense with a Model II (with one or two B1s) and louder still if you have a B2. Do the same with the F1s and it's hard to have the mid-highs outpace the bass. Having said all that, I could have expressed it that the Compacts sound brighter than the Model IIs and the F1s. It depends on the volume and the source.

To varying degrees you can change the overall voicing of the units.

  • With the Compact run into Channel 2, there's no EQ. You have to control everything at the source.

  • With the L1® Model II with the T1® we have the Presets and lots of EQ control.

  • With the F1 Stack (F1 Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer) we can balance the bass with the mid and highs (F1 Subwoofer and F1 Model 812) by adjusting the F1 Subwoofer Volume, and by changing the setting on the F1 Model 812 EQ.

"But with the f1's I noticed I really have to play with the Eq settings for the highs to come out. If I leave it flat it seems to be just lows and mids."

If you want the F1s to sound more like the Compacts you can dial back the Subwoofer and set the F1 Model 812 EQ to WITH SUB. But at least for me, I don't want the F1s to sound like Compacts. They are a different tool for a different application. So I expect to use them differently.

What do you think Joe?

So I just purchased the DbX drive rack and tuned my F1s with it and what a difference it has made.

I always used this with my QSC speakers but sold it when I bought the Bose thinking I didn't need it since my L1s and compacts neve really needed much of an EQ tweak.

Well after a few gigs of not really being able to hone in on that perfect sound with the F1s I went out and purchased another DBX and its like night and day.

I really wish I didn't have to bring another piece of equipment with me but this is definitely worth it.

Please note I had mine tuned by a professional sound engineer. I probably could not have achieved this sound on my own but if you know what your doing I highly recommend picking one of these up.
Originally posted by NAW-T-BOY:

Anyone else who has compacts and f1s have the same experience when using the same audio.

I had the same experience but with live vocals. Compared to our previous system I am boosting more treble and cutting more mid. I do however love having more mid range for vocal clarity. Our old 15's didn't produce that mid, certainly up close.

I personally think the F1's have a less processed and more raw sound than the L1 series... I prefer the Compacts/L1 Mod. II systems for DJ work... and the the F1's for live sound reinforcement. I feel the F1's were created for live sound applications (although it can be used for DJ shows) since they do sound a bit dark... which is good for live sound FOH mixing to combat feedback. Higher frequency tuned cabs generally squeal more...  

There is no secret EQ setting that will work for the F1 system *as long as you are performing in different venues... every room sounds different... play a reference track and adjust from there till it sounds good to you. Make sure to play the reference track at different volumes... low/high --- you may need different settings depending on volume. 

BTW I am both a DJ and a live sound engineer.

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