Thanks for the kind words Oldghm. But honestly, in all fairness, offering a PorchBoard to help all you Bose forums 'socialize' at your conference is the least I can do for you. I'm constantly referring my customers to your forum(s), for two reasons. One (obviously) because many of the questions people have about the PorchBoard have been addressed in better ways than I can offer, but mostly because all you folks are so willing to help and share without 'musician competition'. It is my pleasure to contribute in a small way to your event. Safe travels to you all...and have a wonderful convention. Nadene PS: Mandy from Bose gave me the address to send the PorchBoard. Can someone please add it to the gear list of 'things that will be there for folks to borrow/share' :-)
I'm sure that Tuesday night can be arranged for those staying over.

We modeled the formal agenda after Big Sur, where we ended on the afternoon of Saturday. But then another jam broke out, so it's great that everyone wants to do the same this time.

Looking to catch a ride to/from Boston Airport.

STM (single travelin' musican)

Saturday October 28th
I'm wheels down at 6:02pm

Latest flight out on Wednesday Nov 1st is 6:45pm so I guess I have to be at the Airport by say...

Anybody on the same or similar schedules?
Hi Oldghm

Sure - shared arrangements for Wednesday makes sense. I'm just planning on lots of lead time because I'm travelling "international".

Looking forward to it.

: (hh:min approximate) to go

Originally posted by Oldghm:

Your Wed. departure time is close to mine, which is 5:50pm.

I'm hoping to share a ride from Boston on Sunday. I arrive at 12:50pm.

I've made the arrangements to get there ... now I just have to finalize how to get back!

Anyone heading to Springfield, MA area by 10am Wed morning? My fallback is to get to Framingham by mid-day for the train, but that doesn't get me home until rather late Wed. night.

We'll make a final decision later tonight (Thurs) -- the weather for Sat/Sun sightseeing is not looking too good -- but I may travel by bus to/from Framingham (cheaper, just about the same travel time ... I can read or sleep on the bus -- which are generally things I avoid doing while driving! Eek).
Anybody going to be near

Logan - Boston Airport
6:00 pm (wheels down)

Before I make arrangement for a cab to the Warren Center in Ashland, I thought I should check who is going to be around to hitch a ride or to offer one.


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