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Does The Packlite Work With The Compact?

After seeing several reviews mentioning reduced bass performance of the Compact, I'm wondering if it's possible to add a Packlite? I'm sure Bose has already done this research and comparison to MI and MII.

What does the Compact/Packlite sound like? How is the Packlite connected to the Compact?

My idea is to use two Compact systems with a separate mixer to run in stereo. Will adding a single B1 and a single A1 to each side will extend the frequency response of the Compact?

Original Post
We designed the L1 Compact to feature integrated bass and as a result the bass is not expandable as it is with L1 Model I or Model II.

The L1 Compact's output passes a full-range signal therefore it would send alot of "undesired" mid range frequency to a Packlite system which would significantly alter the tonal balance of the system.

If you are a customer that needs more bass a model I or model II system would be be a better fit.

Thanks Neil

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