DJ's can input via USB to the T1 in digital audio

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Has anyone talked about the ability to send in two digital audio channels via the USB on the T1 engine? This allows many possibilities not just channels 6 and 7.

Also, you can send two channels of digital audio OUT of the T1 engine and program what's on them!

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Does this mean that DJ's could run out of a laptop directly to the T1 via USB & bypass all the analog converters & noise?
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Yes, they certainly can.

USB input from the PC can be routed directly to the master or to Ch 4/5 (to allow post processing, presets, etc.).

In most cases this will result in much cleaner audio. However, some laptops have extremely "dirty" power supplies and the power supply noise can leak into the T1 through the USB ground connection. In this case, using the analog inputs with a passive DI box and ground lift will give better results.
Originally posted by Jim Mead:
Can we use two Usb connections at once in a single PC? -- For example record or send 2 channels to each of 2 T1's ?

That works okay as far as the T1 is concerned. The tricky part is the actual application that you use to play/record. Different Windows types have different methods to enumerate USB audio devices and the application needs to provide a way to select the correct one. For example Windows Media Player can only talk to a single device.

Hope that helps

Originally posted by Tom Munch:

Can channels 4 & 5 be assigned separately to the Aux & Master outs to send to 2 L1's?

Not really. 4/5 are immediately summed to mono and treated the always the same. You could route the left USB channel to the master, and the right USB channel to 4/5, turning the 4/5 channel volume all the way down and using a pre-fade AUX feed for 4/5 to get it out the Aux.

That's certainly a little convoluted but would enable you to route a USB source to two different L1s.

Hi Tony,

You can start the journey here:

T1 ToneMatch™ audio engine

This was announced last week.

With or without the acronyms, this discussion won't make much sense unless you have spent a little time on the web page linked above.

If you are into reading manuals (they are not easy to find), here is a link to the setup guide and owners manual.

T1 ToneMatch™ Audio Engine documentation

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