The only point that really matters was how was the sound at the event. The sound at the event was indeed awesome. The L1's were several feet apart and sounded great. This was a huge arena.
The speaker configuration got the job done. There was nothing "weird" going on with the sound.
To All,

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Let's stay with the intent of this thread and share and enjoy the photos. We can leave the criticism at the door.

Originally posted by Craig-at-Bose:
Hi all,

We'd love to get a consolidated thread going to see how you are all using your L1's T1's etc...

I would encourage you to post pics of your complete setups including your front end mixing and computers.

We are always looking to learn more from our customers.


If you see something that you would like to discuss, please quote and reply the original post in a new discussion. (Please follow the link for instructions if you don't know how to do this).

If you don't don't want to do that then quote and reply in this thread and I will create the discussion for you. (See the next post for an example).

If through this process, the picture that you wanted to discuss does not appear in your reply, I will take care of that for you.

Thank you.
Event for 200 people at Morumbi Stadium in São Paulo. 2 L1 m2 with 2 B2.

I was feeding 110v with a 75ft cable and I think there was a drop in the tension as the sound was not powerful as it used to be with a good energy feed.

Vestax VCI380 using balanced cables directly to the analog inputs.
Two Scan and four Color Palettes from Chauvet, controlled with D-pro from Enttec.

regards from Brazil

Jota Stroeter
Originally posted by Oldghm:
Smile I've watched from the sidelines as JD has taken heat for a lot of things, on occasion, well deserved. I've watched as he has taken the heat with mostly a good attitude and a smile.

But telling someone how to dress????? In the pictures he looks all grown up to me.

Down here in West Texas I'm going to start wearing a Black Resistol! If the Hat Fits Wear it! If his hat fits the occasion in his neck of the woods, it works for him. To one is his own! As long as you look sharp go for it!

I suspect that the hat and vest are just an extension of the freewheeling, fast talking, outgoing, spirited, personality that we see here, and contributes to his success.

And, wasn't it feminine advice that started all this mess in the beginning? OK, OK, just kidding. Let me go ..... ughh ....ask my wife.

Hi Dante DelSignore,

Let me take a shot at getting your images to render.

Originally posted by Dante DelSignore:
If you see a ? Mark, Right Click to go to image.

Just some photos of ideas for setups. No DJ lights were set up for these, just some basic uplighting. (Box holds an NS7)

Some topic starters,

Scrim or Facade?
Turntables or Laptop?
B2s Under table or on sides? (considering looks only)
Hi Midnight,

Post a reply here as you normally do and then

Click Browse

Follow the instructions that come up on the screen.

Does that help?
Originally posted by Midnight:
How do you load your pictures in here?
This is a re-post to attempt to fix the issue of my pics not displaying properly.

Ceremony set-up, pre-ceremony. There was a threat of rain so I kept everything packed up until the last minute. I was only providing audio for the officiant and a reader. Acoustic guitarist provided ceremony music. The table is a service staff table from the dinning room. I used the hand cart bring everything to the ceremony location but could have carried everything by hand. Extension over shoulder, Compact in left hand and rig in right hand.

Ceremony was in same location as reception. Here's the main set-up inside. Dual L1's in stereo, 2 B2's under table and a T1 managing the mic (Mic audio from one L1 only via CAT5) for toasts and headset for leading participation dances.

Hi there Midnight.

Did a double-take when I saw that door beside you.

Originally posted by Midnight:
West Texas Style Wedding Reception! Yee Haw

I thought that I was looking at one of these:

edit: picture removed - off topic

The bass bin under the table trick creates an "Audio illusion" When people see the stick(s) yet hear this great rich sound. They have a hard time initially wrapping their brain around how this could be. I love it.

One interesting phenomenon I experience recently was that listeners though that my volume wasn't loud enough even though I knew it was. As I continued to chat about the volume, they revealed that normally, with other DJ's, they can't carry on a conversation so my volume must be low. I chuckled and asked them to do the "GO stand over there" test and tell me if you can hear the music same as when standing next to me. Booyah!!!

As for DJ's using Mac, It's true, a lot of DJs are using Macs but that doesn't mean that a Mac will be any better than your Alien PC. After having used PCs since converting to digital and then finally going Mac in 2013, Here's why I'll not go back to Windows machines for DJ work.


1. Faster boot up time
2. Because of the "Locked down" OS of Macs, less issues with viruses,etc. (I sad less not none)
3. My Mac Book Pro is a 15 inch Retina Display. OMG what eye candy for me to look at.
4. I use the Thunder Bolt port for my external HD and never need to power because the Thunderbolt technology is so fast.


My Macbook pro is a high spec machine so this factor adds to the speed quite a bit but I'm sure if I "tricked out" my PC, I could get the same performance as the mac.

Finally, Macs can crash, freeze up and have occasional software conflicts same as PCs just less of these issues over all. The learning curve for a mac is pretty short.

Disclaimer. I still use PCs at my day job and they are all lean and clean and very fast.
I just got the mac.. used mid 2010.. BUT I got the 17" unlike Lee, I need a bigger screen. As of now, the book was modified with an SSD drive where the OS is kept and a 1TB Hybrid in which stores the library. I do keep backup external drives and my PC on hand.

Alienware is a great PC, built like a racehorse and a great gamer.. continue to use it, but I would remove all unnecessary programs. OR load a fresh Windows and remove everything you don't need... don't people like the little glowing alien?

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