Looks good ST,
I have two things that come to mind right away;

First, some troubleshooting info maybe - such as No sound from the top, no sound from the B1, Static, poping noise, etc

Second, I think I know what was meant by the answer for Can I run Stereo = no. But I disagree with how it sounds. We run Stereo from one L1 by running two cables - Right to CH1 and Left to CH2 with great results. I assume the T1 can do that too?

( I understand that the point still needs to be made that a single balanced trs cable wouldn't work.)
Thanks Joe,

We have a separate section on troubleshooting

but I have added a link to it on the DJ FAQ page.


Can I run Stereo = no

That section is only applicable to the Model II Power Stand. It has a single balanced input (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) and sometimes people think that means that it will accept a stereo input.

Thanks for the suggestions.
- Troubleshooting link now added
- I will think about how to make it clearer that the item you mentioned applies only to the Model II I change the name of that section to L1® Model II: Can I run a Stereo Source to the Power Stand

To all:

We are talking about the DJ Frequently Asked Questions page in the wiki.
We are talking about the DJ Frequently Asked Questions page in the wiki.
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Hi ST,

Good idea.

Is this open to questions about the T1?
Hi Dance Host,

Originally posted by Dance Host:

Hi ST,

Good idea.

Is this open to questions about the T1?

Of course. There are two or three topics on the DJ page in the wiki that address using the T1® in ways that should be of interest to DJs.

We also have a tonne of general info about the T1® in the wiki

And load more about the Classic, Model I and Model II.

Today we're working on a wiki page that addresses things of interest to Mobile DJs. So I am interested to know what you want to know so that I can put it all together for you in one place.

So in the wiki, you can search for DJ and end up at the
DJ page in the wiki.

So we're back to... what questions would you like to see answered on a page like that?

By the way, I'm looking for a nice image to put on that page so that a DJ/KJ/VJ will see that and understand that s/he is in the right place.
Hi McMusicDJ,
Thank you for your suggestions.

Originally posted by McMusicDJ:
How about something discussing differences in using a DJ mixer vs. a "band type" mixer with the L1's.

The debate rages on in DJ Mixers vs "band" mixers. I have put a link to that discussion in the wiki page.


Or how something about using XLR vs. 1/4" into the L1's when coming out of a mixer.

I have added some general notes about using mixers: XLR to XLR and ¼ inch jack to ¼ inch jack.

You can see that here: DJ Notes - Mixers
Hi David,

Thanks for this suggestion.

Originally posted by David Seel:

Can I run Stereo = no

We can't actually run a stereo input into a single L1® and get the same effect as running stereo through two discrete speaker systems. That was the distinction I was trying to make.

Rane have a very good article on how you CAN do this http://www.rane.com/note109.html and might be worth a link in the wiki.

Yes, this is a good article and I'll find a way to incorporate that link in the wiki.

I used that link just recently
in a recent post to DJ Dave about the T1® and stereo input options.

I just have to figure out how to rewrite that in a general way so I can put it in the wiki.

This *is* on my list and I will post a link here where I get it in the wiki.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

edit: updated link

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