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I am new to this forum and wanted to record a track with vocals and guitar using ToneMatch "USB to PC" and Audacity. I want to record a guitar (CH2) track first, listen to it through headphones and then record a new vocal track (CH1). Now I need to hear the recorded guitar track and also the vocals I am sending via USB to the PC.

My idea was first to simply use USB from PC set to Master on left and right channel as a monitoring track but once I hit record this track will also get recorded again.

Then I set USB from PC to CH4/5 and connected the PC via 3,5mm to 2x 6,3mm jack cable to Ch4/5 and only record CH1 left and right to USB. That would work but I am losing reverb settings since this only gets exported through master.

Any ideas on how I can set up the system in a way that I can listen to the recorded track and also sending reverb to the system?

Thanks for your help.



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Hi Andreas,

I haven't used Audacity lately, so this is from memory.

  1. You can set USB to PC
  2. Channel 1 -> Left Output (vocal)
  3. Channel 2 -> Right Output (guitar)
  4. USB from PC to Channel 4/5

  • Record the guitar

In Audacity:

  1. You'll end up with one stereo track
  2. Right click at the left end of the track and split the track
    see: Audacity: Split stereo track
  3. Delete the track you don't need (left - vocal)
  4. It might be useful to set the other track to Mono for monitoring.

  • Record your vocal
  1. This will give you another stereo track
  2. Right click at the left end of the track and split the track.
  3. Delete the track you don't need (right - guitar)
  • mix
  1. Now you have two tracks (guitar and vocal)
  2. You can mix them and pan as you like

As you've discovered, USB to PC does not send reverb, but you can add reverb in Audacity.

Does that help?


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