L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

Ok so it has been over a year since the release of the L1® Compact system and we continue to hear stories about the product being used from everything from military services to fitness classes. I thought it would be a good idea to create an area to capture some of the more unique uses for the system aside from musical performances.

So tell us; what types of creative uses have you found for the L1® Compact system?



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Hi Neil,

This is probably not all that creative.

I use my Compact for public speaking gigs. It actually serves me better than my Classic - especially in rooms that are wider than they are deep. It is heard more clearly at the extreme left and right sides of the room.

Very easy to load in and set up.

It also works better than most conventional PA systems where I might do a guest appearance with just solo Guitar/Vocal/PorchBoard. I get all the great advantages of portability - but the Compact goes down lower than many house PA systems I have encountered so the PorchBoard sounds better through the Compact than the house system.
As an L1 field representative I have seen a number of interesting applications. One system I helped sell was to an equestrian trainer who wanted to amplify prerecorded music and microphone in her horse stable/riding ring.

She got a wireless mic connected to channel one plus an MP3 player, which she carries on herself as she rides around the ring, connected via wireless to channel two to provide the music.

She trains her students in riding to latin/salsa music. I saw an email she sent to the sales associate who facilitated the purchase which provided a very positive review!
My Compact has become a family necessity.
We all use (fight over) it with our iPods, MP3 players, radios, TVs, and laptop computers for music indoors and out.
Great for back yard BBQs and lounging.

I just recently bought a little LCD TV for the bedroom that has poor sound, but has a headphone out jack.
Hooking up the Compact to that jack gives me remote control over the volume, plus super sound, without clutter.
I've got a pretty standard setup w/my L1 Compact. The only two, well one - this first isn't all that creative, 'creative things are, at the expense of my wallet, added the T1. Number two is I purchased a decent set of in-ear headphones and wite them (w/extension) to the aux-out of the T1. In-ear's baby!
Creative I have with the L1 ... this summer I have used the L1 compact on the beach ... wow what a party . powered by a battery pack and a Ipod mixer ... it last for 7 hours ... Also used it for BBQ .. I just purchase my second one ... Now I'm ready for more power action ...
" latinlenz "
I have a forty foot long fifth wheel travel trailer with four slide-outs. We travel from New Hampshire to Sanibel Island in Florida.

Typically, the DVD installations include cheesy speakers and mine was no exception.

I place the unit, minus the extensions, into a cabinet above the TV and voila: hifi!
I have a gig playing keyboards with a local large church praise band most every Sunday. I bring a keyboard controller and my laptop with Reason because the B3 sound is so realistic. I usually use a Roland keyboard amp with a 12" and horn. Tonight I brought the Compact in collapsed mode, just set it on the floor, played the organ simulation through it and everybody absolutely freaked out! Words like "so fat" and "rich" were used to describe how it sounded, and it felt like I was playing 500 pounds of wholesome Hammond goodness on that stage. The Compact totally handled all the low bass notes I was dishing out while giving the Leslie sim, already quite good, a sparkling spatial quality I had not heard before. Truly a Bose magical moment!
I have found the Compact to outshine the model-I & model-II in more than the obvious; cost, weight, ease of use. When your venue is less than 200 capacity, if you have limited platform or stage, coverage is BEST with the Compact's ability to overshoot obstacles such as non movable lecterns, podiums, modesty rails that would cause unwanted reflection with the other systems. The line array coupled with Model-II's articulation sweetens the pie!
I have been a 802 III and MB4 panaray user for several years - thinking full well that even Bose wasn't going to improve on a perfect sound system for me! Go figure!

The L1 Compact caught my eye - portability and ease of set-up are obvious selling points - clarity of sound is not unlike all of the Bose products historically. We are a track driven vocal group that also plays instruments live - guitars, keys and rhythm instruments - our shows are full-ranged and moderately loud for usually 100 - 200 people. We are often challenged by space restrictions, odd shaped rooms and acoustic nightmares for venues! Sound familiar?

We are currently designing a new sound system with 4 L1 Compacts and a small mixer, wireless mics, instruments and laptop for reproducing our trax. We may add one compact powered sub for outdoor venues - short of that we will have a system we can transport easily that will address all of our demands.

Thanx again, BOSE!
Guten abend, Ronnie! Yes, the compact is a very versatile piece of gear. As for one poster's comment about adding a "compact" sub, I highly recommend the Eon 518 18" 500 watt. Roughly a 2-foot cube only weighing 65 pounds. With the 518 handling everything 120 hz and below, the 8" compact woofers sound great doing 121-400 hz. Coupled with the line arrays, it sounds incredible. I run two Compacts with the sub and just love it.

Jim jazzsinger1954
Well, I would like a bit more bass, could add a subwoofer. I would prefer something with smaller speakers, for example 4 x 10" or 2 x 15".
But in most cases the main question is "How to transport this heavy box?" and the second question is "Would the audience like the bass I like?".
This is the reason, why something, like HK Audio Elements wouldn't satisfy my needs.
By the way, I own a self powered 15" subwoofer and a crossover. So I could expand my compact.
Guten Abend Ronny!

It just depends on your gig. I played a 30th Anniversay party yesterday with one compact, my mp3 player and an AKG c1000 mic, which can use an internal 9-volt for phantom power. My tracks are all big band with upright or electric basses and the compact really does an amazing job handling big bass. My mp3 player's graphic EQ is boosted on the low end and I think that makes a real difference. As I have said before in other posts and reviews, you have to DRIVE the compact with EQ and preamp gain to get the most out of it, IMHO. The compact just by itself can sometimes sound pretty vanilla until you rev it up.

Best regards,

James Gorin
I have been using the L1 M2 for several years now and I love it. I recently relocated to another part of the country, so I went out armed with my Demo CD's and took them around .... nothing. I called ppl back and did the sales pitches .... nothing. So I went to a few open mics and talked to some of the guys who were working and they told me the way to get work was to audition on the spot. So today I p/u the compact, it's very very nice. Next week I will be driving from pub to pub with my compact. I took the extension out of the bag and will use the bag for my mic stand. thank you for putting the pouch on the bass bag for the T1 That will help as well. Using the T1 with the compact makes a huge difference. I will just set the compact in collapsed mode on a bar stool, tape my song list on the back of my guitar like the good old days before I put all my songs on a toughbook, and I'll be all set with one trip. ROCK ON BOSE.
Rock on k man rock on! You play some good hard guitar don't you know? Solid brother really solid. I absolutely love my compacts. If you get a gel cell battery pack a with maybe 20 or 21 amp hours output, I'm telling you you can run that compact for 5 hours on that dude! You can take it to the streets and never need an extension cord! I only have 1 little suggestion I would like to make to you, and it might not apply to every song you play. When you get to the verse back off of the guitar just a little bit to make room for your voice. Just a little bit of dynamic change between the verse and the chorus will serve you well.

Keep working it and to go Bose!

Needless to say, I have outdoor gigs all year long. Some small cafes or large pool areas. To be honest, I never thought the the original L1 models were worth the bucks, but when the Compacts were released I had to try one. Wow, I use my second system linked for larger areas and it just kicks butt! I constantly get the compliment that they outperform the Model I & II's
I'm new at this. where can i buy a gel cell battery pack? how much are they? can they be recharged?

Originally posted by JazzSinger1954:
Rock on k man rock on! You play some good hard guitar don't you know? Solid brother really solid. I absolutely love my compacts. If you get a gel cell battery pack a with maybe 20 or 21 amp hours output, I'm telling you you can run that compact for 5 hours on that dude! You can take it to the streets and never need an extension cord! I only have 1 little suggestion I would like to make to you, and it might not apply to every song you play. When you get to the verse back off of the guitar just a little bit to make room for your voice. Just a little bit of dynamic change between the verse and the chorus will serve you well.

Keep working it and to go Bose!

Originally posted by klh:
Oh yeah, and thanks for the criticism Jazz Singer. Maybe one day you will post a video and I can help you out as well.

Klh, I will absolutely do that one day soon and let you know when I do. I've had a lot to handle with some family illness this year, so I have been MIA since these posts. Hope everything is going great for you.
I've had my L1 Compact for about 2 years. It has never let me down and continues to do an excellent job. I have a mic connected to the mic channel that is used for vocals and by the trumpet player; I play a Korg PA3X connected to a small mixer which is connected to the RCA inputs on the L1 Compact. My PA3X L & R channels contain all the arranger audio and channels 1 & 2 contain my vocals. It simply sounds great! I play an average of 75 gigs a year.
Sounds like you've got a good thing going on! I love the sound of my Compacts. So clear with such presence. People can tell the difference between the Bose sound and big boxes on sticks.

I bet the Korg sounds great. What kind of mic are you using and what kind of music and venues do you play?
I'm a 30+ year guitar and bass player. but I'm pretty new here. That's because I never saw one of these things until about a month ago - when our singer showed up to band practice with his brand new Compact.

I listened to his explanation of the whole concept. After some brainstorming, the amateur soundman in me came up with a scheme whereby we ran the lead vocal mic into channel 1, as the design concept calls for and everything else into my humble yet trusty Yamaha MG102C mixer, which would go into channel 2. The mixer had my Ibanez bass direct; my vocal mic (Sennheiser 835); our lead guitar direct from his Vox Soundlab pre-amp; his vocal mic (Shure SM 57- not 58); and our lead singer's rhythm guitar coming direct from a POD. No amps. No mic on the drums.

When our experiment was done, we all agreed that this was best tone and mix we had ever pulled off at band practice. We also figured out that our set up time at future practices was going to be significantly cut. It worked!
Yes, it's amazing how much better the Bose sound is when compared to what you had before, even if you were using JBL or something else of a higher quality. I have two Compacts and really love the sound. Bose designed them, obviously, for a singer-guitarist/keyboardist solo act in small rooms who may use mp3 tracks in some way. But ever since it's been introduced, people have been trying their best to use it as a full-up PA in some form or fashion. It's really a very versatile piece of gear!

Best of luck to you and enjoy yourself!
I've recently used 2 Compacts with my 3/4 piece band. The bass player and 2nd guitar player (when needed) play through their own amps and the bass player and drummer's vocal go through one Compact and my vocal and guitar through a PODHD500 go into the 2nd one.

Sounded great and filled up the room completely.

In this photo, the bar is about 50 feet from the front of the stage, and there was seating behind that as well. Plus, I only ran 1 extension in both to keep the speakers at ear level for those seating (plus the drummer could hear the vocals).

Comments were that we sounded great, could be heard very well and didn't blow anyone's ears off even though they could feel our rhythm and beat.

Originally posted by music*mark:
Do you have your compacts fully extended? Looks like you're running them with one extension - just curious.

For this one, I only used one extension.

For last night's show (at a different location), I ran the full extensions as the stage was lower and there were a lot more dancers on the dance floor. I also put the drums in between the two Compacts. The drummer had no problem hearing the vocals and the bass player and I could hear each other from our respective sides of the stage too.
Hi all,
I've been using the L1 mk II for roughly a year now.
I work contracts abroad most of the year and use the L1 mm II day in day out and it's amazing,
I considered buying the compact for smaller venue use, but when I arrived on my current contract they already had one! Luck or what! Must be fate...
The compact is sooo good the I've started using it for larger and larger venues pushin it hard... It still gives a fight to be proud of! Two vocals and a saxophone at night volume using the tonematch for all those juicy effects... 10/10 for both the L1 and Compact!!!


Dn'A - Vocal Duo With Saxophone

I've wanted to post my recent Compact experiences and this discussion seemed to fit best. Feel free to move it if there is a better spot for it.

I sold my Model 1/B1 setup a few months ago as I was not gigging much and i needed the money. I kept one B1 in case I decided I needed to add it to the compact. My thought was to focus on the smaller gigs where a single compact would cover and add a second compact down the road for larger or outdoor gigs.

My first chance to test it out was a fashion show benefit providing background music for dinner and show music for the fashion show itself. I've done this for this group before so I knew they wanted the music loud and pumping for the catwalk. I borrowed a second compact from a friend and went in nervous. Background music was excellent and speeches could be heard easily throughout the very large ballroom.

Catwalk music sounded great and covered fine but i was at the limits of what these amps can do. I hit red on both units frequently but there was no distortion. Success!

Now for my "downsized" solo gig I sing, play guitar and run tracks from an ipad in the typical lounge/restaurant situation. My biggest concern was that I would miss the low bass that the B1's provided, especially on the tracks. I am using a T1:
Ch 1: Vocal mic EV N/D767a
Ch 2: Electric guitar fed from a Tech 21 modeler(phantom powered from T1)
Ch3: Acoustic guitar (piezo on the electric) direct in using T1 as preamp
Ch 4: ipad 1/8" out into 4/5, preset flat w/ Z-eq

This setup is fantastic. I have had to turn the bass down on the tracks in most places and the sound is full and balanced. Sounds better to me at lower volumes than the Model 1 did.

This past weekend i was hired to play an outdoor party and couldn't get the second compact as my friend was out of town. Nervous again.
I set up by the pool with a stone fireplace behind me and under a canopy I brought with me. I was worried that the top section of the compact would not be heard properly because it was all the way up inside the top of the tent so I took out one extension and went "half-mast".

I set the compact up about three feet to my left and two feet behind, about like normal. I was worried about feedback from the mic but it never showed up. The bass was well represented and the sound was clear and balanced all the way up to the back patio of the house, about 100 feet away. And I still had plenty of headroom if I needed it. I didn't.

The best thing was hearing my voice so well that I sang comfortably and without strain even after doing my coaching gig in the am for two hours in a noisy indoor pool, which normally leaves me a little hoarse.

So I guess I'm getting over judging the compact by it's size. I tend to think its not going to be enough, until I hear it. I'm still amazed at what this thing can do giver it's size and weight.

Sorry for the long post. I hope someone can get something from it.

That's a great post! It is really cool when you red light those Compacts! They will deliver when needed and I've found them to be really robust. The half-mast position is also very handy under the right circumstances. And my Yamaha acoustic electric and vocal (e835) sound better than anything I've heard, clear and distinct, like you're listening to the playback in a big studio control room.
Hi there! I've merely skimmed through this forum topic and have seen some awesome methods used! Rock on!

One method that our company has used that has worked quite well (for a mobile DJ setup) is using two Compacts lined out to a powered dual 12 sub (name of the sub not mentioned due to our respect for Bose). This has worked so well for us that we have outfitted all of our DJs with it. The clarity and POWER are simply unparalleled! We enjoy the simple set up and output - in short, Bose is the <<idiomatic expression>>!!! Love you guys!!!

Edit: Forum-Admin changed an << idiomatic / colloquial expression>> that may be questionable for some readers -- please see our Terms of Service link at the bottom of every page.
That is a very good combination, indeed! I have had some experience with "the sub that shall not be named" and it's a workhorse with a lot of brute force. The companion speakers of that series, to me, are not as great as they're reputed to be. Funny how everything sounds garbled once you get used to the Bose clarity. The Compact is simply an amazing piece of gear!

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