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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Note  impressed . Purchased my S1 in June so I am out of luck for the back pack.

I am surprised the S1 did not come with a padded  cover of some sort like the L1.

The price for the back is unreasonable $175 US !! That is over 25% of the value of the unit. Bose pays a small fraction of this to have the back pack manufactured.

I must be missing something ? 



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I'd say that the S1 Pro backpack is a rather impressive, sturdy and useful item that's probably "worth the money" as such things are priced now days. 

I just paid $40 for a decent but relatively flimsy backpack for my computer, iPad and other items...

If one only has 1 S1 Pro, it would enable a single performer to easily make just one trip from the car with everything she/he needs for the show... 

It's good that Bose is including the battery in the price of the S1 now.  It was also very nice of them to provide the backpacks to those of us who paid the extra $100 for a battery as early adopters.

If we were not offered the backpacks free I’d be really upset having to pay $340~ (after tax) for two backpacks. That’s half of another s1 😂. Like Chet 3 said, they’re great backpacks, my only gripe is I wish there was padding on the outside and bottom, not just the side that touches your back. I find myself bumping into things since it protrudes so far from me. I do find it worth it though. It’s good quality and my much smaller MacBook Backpack was $100 😑. Plus with the battery now included with the s1 I find the $600 price tag very justifiable. It really has made the s1 that much more of a pleasure to own. Maybe think long term investment too, the s1 should last us 5+ years, unless they make an s2 etc etc 🤔

I ended up going with an Arriba Cases AC-125 bag for my S1 Pros (I have two). The bag is pretty close to the size of the S1 Pro but the padding isn't too thick so I also purchased a custom padded cover. I put the cover on and then put it in the Arriba bag. It's a pretty good fit. I'm kind of picky so I, also, put a piece of corrugated plastic in the bottom of the bag to give it more structure. Here's the bag: https://www.sweetwater.com/sto...-arriba-cases-ac-125 . Here's the padded cover: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BOSE-...H0.Xs1+pro.TRS0.TSS0

jbarner20 posted:

If someone can confirm that the padded cover fits inside the official Bose backpack I’m sold 🙌🏽

No the Bose backpack is a tight fit so there's no room for the padded cover. The backpack is padded along the flat side that faces the front of the speaker but the angled sides are not padded.

Bought two Bose S1 Pro's (Love them!), Took a chance on the Arriba AC-130 Padded Case (13X13X9.5). $29.96 each on Amazon. I was able to fit the Bose S1 units (see attached photos). Although a bit snug at first (had to work the zippers until the cases stretched a bit), they seem to zip up quite easily now. Added a piece of 12 X 5 x 1 inch foam to fill up the gap at front of case.



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Here is a little gem you can get free at your beer store. Every summer around Canada Day (July 1 ) Molson Canadian give away free , canvas beer coolers that are made to fit a 24 case of bottled beer. They are made of a sturdy canvas outer skin a foam inner layer and a plastic liner. It accommodates the S1 nicely.



Free beer cooler case

fits the S1 perfectly

They also make one for 24 cans that works great for the T8


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