Hi Noel,

I think the meaning of 'carefully matched' in this context is simply that the System was designed as a whole - PowerStand + L1 + B1 + R1 and now A1. This is important considering that with many more conventional systems you have mixer, power amp and loudspeakers from different manufacturers.

Somewhere here one of the at-Bose folks has assured us that the quality control at their end is such that within the 'family' all parts are interchangeable. There was actually a discussion about this very issue. I've been looking for it but I can't find it.

At any rate, it has never made a difference to me.
ST is correct (as usual Wink)
By "carefully matched" we mean that all components of the system (drivers, acoustic enclosure, power amps, EQ, limiter, pre-amps, protection circuits etc.) are designed so that they really work optimally with each other.

On the other hand we are manufacturing to very tight specifications and tolerances. One L1 is virtually indistinguishable from the next one, so it's perfectly ok two swap speaker and power stands.

Hope that helps

That makes sense now; I wasn’t sure if I had even read it, much less understood it right!
I’m kind of glad you couldn’t find it ST… I was beginning to think of you as some kind of brain, sitting in a glass jar, on top of the table, hooked up to the computer. I have never seen anybody come back with answers as fast and thoroughly as you do! Of course to be as freely giving as you are, there would have to be a heart in that jar too! Thanks guys, I won’t have to worry about it then.
Found it
Mixing L1 components

Sorry - free radical, associative, lateral arabesque mode search is not firing on all cylinders this morning -

Going to have to clean the jar and blow out the cobwebs to restore full performance.

Edit: link to original image no longer works so I swapped in this different image.

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