Why don't you make an adapter for the base so the L1s could be inserted in reverse; then all the controls could be either in the front or back however desired. We have a small studio and the system has to be against a wall behind us. It's getting to be a pain when we're trying to experiment with different settings and presets with everything backwards behind the system. Or maybe put all the gain controls & presets on a bigger remote.

I'm surprised that I haven't found any other complaints on this forum about the location of the controls.

Anyway, just ranting a little after banging my guitar against the L1's a few times reaching around to make everyone happy with the presets.

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I just want to assure you that not finding the complaints about the back placement of controls or suggestions for putting the controls in front doesn't mean they are not here, however I think you are the first to suggest a design that would accept the L1 in either direction. Good Idea.

The emperor has no clothes! At last... someone brings up the question I have been asking myself for almost a year - Why is everything upside down? No one else has complained about it, so it MUST be okay. All kidding aside, I love my PAS, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Great job, Bose! But a swivel adapter for the L1 would indeed allow maximum flexibility for the "real world" venues where we are backed up against a wall. Please give it serious thought. Your out-of-the-box approach to the development of the PAS has yielded marvelous results. I am sure you can come up with a good solution to the upside down, font-to-back issue.
Actually, I suggested almost the same thing a couple of months ago. I suggested a short adapter that would reverse the direction of the L1, and allow the whole unit to be rotated, placing the controls at the front. It would only have to add a few inches to the overall height, and could be used when and where needed. Kyle, Hilmar, somebody, make it happen!
Thanks for the input

Your point is well taken. Given the current placement, it is difficult to experiment with the presets or even to simply check which one you're on.

I like the idea of being able to rotate the L1, we'll give that some consideration.

On the up side, once you have found your preset and trim settingw, it's actually a good thing to have those out of the way (so no one is tempted to fiddle with it Wink).

A few tips & tricks that may ease the pain:

It's easier to wire up everything first and insert the L1 last. This way you don't have to do gymnastics around the speaker and the I/O panel is in plane view.

Remove the plastic panel cover and leave it at home. The PS1 is well protected in the bag without it and during setup the cover is only in the way.

Same for the rubber plug. If you transport the PS1 in the bag there is no real need it.

Bring a flashlight. Ifr you want to get fancy, you can get a small flashlight and tether it to the B1 cable or power cord.

Hope that helps

JD, I can assure you that there have been plenty of other discussions and criticisms on this message board - many by me - about that tiny little upside down in the dark reach around the back press the wrong button awkward interface.

I wanted to link you to a few of them to prove my point, but it would appear that InfoPop has evaporated a few hundred of my posts. When I did a search of my posts, it says that I've made 20, which is only about 325 short of the actual number. Nice upgrade.
Thanks for your responses.
Hilmar - I don't think I ever met a guitar player who could set a control & then leave it alone for any length of time.

But seriously, when you have to switch guitars from electric to acoustic and back again, during a set, it really is a pain to work the presets. Or even switching between two different electrics the presets often need to be changed. (The other input is being shared so I can't use both channels.)

Thanks again,
Spinning the tower to get to the controls is a VERY clever idea!

Personally, I never change my presets or the gain settings and always plug things in the exact same way (I really don't even adjust the remote once things get rolling), so I probably won't take advantage of this myself...

The other thing is that I LIKE the orientation, because the wires are better hidden - I HATE the black spaghetti!

But again - cool idea - keep em coming...
I agree with the need to rotate the L1's. We are often backed up against a wall on a small stage.

A better alternative for me would be a remote that would change presets and trim. Some on the forum have said you do not need to change them once set ---- I agree if you are using only one instument but if you have multiple instuments used for different songs it is near impossible to change the presets and/or trim while maintaining a professional look on stage or leaving a gap between the set list while gettign down on your knee and reaching around in the dark (a built in light would be a nice luxury).

My last thought at this time is having all 4 channels on the remote with the same features would be great.

Bose, please continue to take note of the request from members of the Forums. A good number of the Ideas make sence in the real world to the people who are out there using your products.


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