Connecting Voicelive 2 to L1 Compact

I am an electronic neophyte. Acoustic all the way. But, I am stepping out and giving the Voicelive 2 a shot and want to connect it to a Bose L1 Compact but am not sure how to do it. I believe I will need to plug the guitar onto the VL2 for harmonies, but am not sure the best way to connect the VL2 to the L1 Compact.

ANY suggestions, tips things to watch out for or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi Adverselection,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you are enjoying the Compact.

Here is the manual for the Voicelive 2.

Your guitar should plug into the Voicelive Guitar IN and then run from guitar THRU to the guitar input of the Compact.

Your vocal mic will plug into the XLR input,#1 on the rear panel in the manual, and then the Left or Mono output to the Channel 1 input on the Compact.

You control the mix of lead vocal, harmony vocal(s) and guitar by setting mix levels on the Voicelive control front panel section #8 in the manual.

Too much effects in the mix can cause or contribute to feedback problems, use sparingly.

You might like to completely eliminate the guitar from the Voicelive mix except for special tunes. The cleaner the sound the easier it is to work with and less confusion in trying to solve little problems that may arise.

Does this help?

Thanks Old......

Didn't think it could be that simple. I searched the forums before posting and only confused myself. Which I might add is becoming increasingly easier to do.

My VL2 should be here on Saturday and I am looking forward to playing with it this weekend.

Thanks again for your quick reply.


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