i have one L1 compact and am using it basically for playing music in our outhouse bar, am thinking of buying another one and connect the two together to play music via bluetooth. While looking at a video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M00T0BVzjdQ&t=59s) i saw someone named tomorrowtech wrote that this guy is doing wrong and its gives mono output, guys help me out here to do a perfect setup with 2 L1 compact.


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Hi Proxykiller,

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Here's how to connect two L1® Compacts. Click the picture below to see more details.

Compact Daisy Chain.jpg

In the video you mentioned, the fellow is making the connection from the first L1® Compact line out to the second L1® Compact channel 1.  This is not recommended because this will run the signal on the second L1® Compact through the ToneMatch microphone preset.  You want to connect to the second L1® Compact through channel 2 with the ToneMatch switch set to Line Level.

The most reliable connection is to use a balanced cable. If this is a fixed installation, that's a one-time inconvenience.

If you want to use a wireless connection you will replace the orange line above with a transmitter and receiver. You can use Bluetooth or other wireless device.

I often use a wireless guitar transmitter and receiver with great results. 

How far apart will the two L1® Compacts be? Are there walls or other obstructions between the two locations?  Is there a microwave oven in the vicinity? That can interrupt a Bluetooth connection.


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