Hi Can you tell me how to connect two L1 Model II systems together using either 1 Tone Match or a Mackie 808 mixer? I want to use these at smaller venues.

I  was able to use the Model I and Model II together but can't seem to use the same models with only one mixer or engine.
Please help me!
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Hi Bassplayerrod,

I tried to look up your mixer. There are several variants to the Mackie 808. Please post a link to the Owners Guide for your mixer. I'd be happy to look at that with you and make some suggestions.



Hi Bassplayerrod,

I found a Mackie PPM Series Owners Guide.

From what I can see, your mixer is a powered mixer.


Do NOT connect the speaker outputs to your L1®s. You will almost certainly damage the L1®s and the Mackie mixer.

Mackie 808 do not connect speaker outputs

Here is the simplest thing that could work.

Connect the T1® and L1®s as I showed you here.

T1® to two Model IIs

Connect your vocal microphones to T1® channels 1, 2, 3.

Connect your instruments to the Mackie 808.

Keep the Mackie Main Master all the way off, fully counter-clockwise. We are not using the internal amplifiers.

Use the Monitor levels to control the individual instrument levels.

Connect the Monitor Output to T1® channel 4 using a 1/4" Tip-Sleeve cable (ordinary instrument cable).

Mackie 808 to T1

Set the MONITOR MASTER to U (unity).

Set the MAIN Master to (off)

Set Input Trim for T1® Channel 4/5

Turn the Trim setting up until the Trim Light is solid green with occasional flickers of yellow. Use the Trim lights as your guide. (The exact position of the Trim knob is not important).

T1® Trim Pots

If you see flickers of red (below), turn the Trim down. You are definitely nearing or in compression. Turn the Trim down until there are no red flickers.

T1® Trim Pots

Does that you get you going?



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Hi Bassplayerrod,

I'm sorry I missed the question in your last post.

Bassplayerrod posted:

This is awesome!

I will try this in my garage first.

Yes I own the 808M (mono)

I need to ask one last question. If I want to add or use an 18 powered sub how would I hook that up?

Thanks you so much

You can direct Channel 4/5 to Aux and run a line from the Aux output to your powered sub. Please click the picture below to learn more about Aux.

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Aux Output
--∈∞ΘΞ Please click the picture for more details ΞΘ∞∋--    



ST posted:

Hi BassPlayerRod,

Great question.

We've got an article with all the details for connecting two L1® Model IIs.

T1® to two Model IIs

Please check out the article (click the picture above) for all the details.

Does that tell you what you need to know?


Hi ST... can you update this with using a T4S or a T8S?  I have a gig this weekend for 200 guests..the hall is wide but narrow and I would like to try two L1M2B2 [one per side as traditional PA].  Thanks.

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