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L1® Compact
Quoting rob from The Sketcher

I want to use three sure 58's and an electric acoustic
I would feed the three mic's and the instrument into a small mixer.
What is the best way to connect the small mixer to the Bose Compact L1 that I have..


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Hi Rob,

Using a stereo mixer with an L1®

General principles for connecting a stereo mixer to the mono input on your L1® .

Does your mixer have a mono output?

The Compact Channel 2 ¼ inch jack is MONO. Check to see if your mixer has a MONO output. If it does, then use that.

Stereo Inputs on Compact Channel 2

If have RCA outputs from your mixer you can connect to the Compact Channel 2 RCA inputs. It's likely that the RCA outputs on the mixer are recording outputs and you may have control the output level separate from the mixer master faders. Please see your manual for details.

If you have a way to convert the mixer stereo output to 1/8" stereo jack then you can connect to Compact Channel 2 1/8" stereo input.

Compact Stereo Mixer.png

or if your mixer has RCA (phono) jacks you can use a cable like this.

Click for details

Mono Input on Compact Channel 2

Compact Channel 2 Input

Start with the Volume set straight up and adjust so that you get a solid green signal. If you see red, turn the trim down.

The ¼ inch jack input accepts a balanced or unbalanced connection.

Compact Channel 2 Balanced.png

Can a stereo signal be used with the ¼ inch jack input?

A ¼ inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve connector carrying a stereo signal should not be used with the analog input on the L1® Compact.

Even though a ¼ inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve connector can carry a stereo signal this is not how this physical connection is used on the L1® Compact.

The ¼ inch jack input on the L1® Compact is balanced, and will therefore subtract the Left and Right signals on a stereo cable and you will hear almost no signal in the L1® Compact.

Another approach - getting a mono output from your mixer

If your mixer does not have a mono output pan all your inputs to one side (e.g. LEFT) and take the LEFT output and connect that to your L1 Compact channel 2 using the 1/4" (6.3mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable.


For best results do NOT use any kind of Y-adapter to connect stereo outputs from a mixer to a mono input on an L1® . See Why Not Wye for details.

Does that help?
If you need more detail, please give us a link to the owners guide for your mixer.




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