Hi Everybody,

Cliff and I drove down to New York yesterday on a glorious summer day to visit with David and Judy Gage.

As many of you know, David and Judy own and operate what must be the most famous acoustic bass repair and sales shop in the world.

The store is filled with a glorious spirit of earnest and sincere music making. VERY famous people just drop in to say hi, or drop off a bass to be worked on. Quiet, Italian looking men sneak out from behind workbenches to gently cradle the instruments or talk in reverent tones about the sound of this or that. To be in this store is to be reminded in a very deep way why we all do what we do.

David and his wife Judy are wonderful, generous, and smart people. They and their talented staff love their work and their community and they do a great job and service to the human race.

Are we scheming on something with David?

You bet we are, but it's too early to tell exactly what it is.

With best regards,

Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer


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Here's two of the smartest, kindest, most generous and warm human beings I've ever known.

David Gage and Clifford Henricksen.

(That's Christian McBride's bass on David's workbench on the lower right. Looks like it's been dragged behind a truck on the West Side Highway. Ken: "How does it sound?", David: "Unbelievable.")
Thank you Joseph. I believe the same of you.

The joy is in people. If we do anything, it's to make it alright for that joy in all of us to come out. Music, and above all, live music, is the perfect medium for this effort.

With best regards

(miss you)


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