We moved to a new Community Platform on October 26th, 2016.  There are new and exciting ways to do things now.  This is the place to ask questions about the new Community platform.

Hi Everybody,

You may have noticed some changes to the appearance of the community. Some of the text has been replaced by images, posts have a color bar down the left side so it's easier to see who is posting in a long discussion, and we now have an expanded ability to respond to posts.

Here are some more details.

New Post Bose Design

We've completely redesigned our "Post Box" interface component. One of the main drivers for the change was to add support for Reactions, but also to improve the overall experience. For instance, Post Boxes now have a left-side border color that is uniquely associated with the person that made the post. This will allow readers to quickly associated posts in a comment stream, for instance, with particular members.

You'll find a newly enhanced Post Box theme section for customizing the look of these boxes, which are applied to reply/comments and topic posts.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 17.31.32


Reactions are an expansion on the "likes" you are already familiar with, with a much broader palette that allows community members to quickly express their feelings about a particular post/reply/comment.

All sites are gaining Reactions, though existing sites will have to enable the feature (Admin Control Panel > Basics > General Settings), by choosing the "Support All Reactions" option (otherwise, only simple "likes" will be allowed).

Screenshot 2020-03-11 17.18.43


At the bottom right corner of a post you will see gear symbol that replaces the Actions link.

Have fun with the changes.



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