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Hello, Jim Patterson.

The Sennheiser microphone Presets are in the Vocal Mics category. There are two of them, Sennheiser E855 and Sennheiser MD431-II

The is no separate download for Sennheiser microphones. The two above are included with the standard factory Presets.

Does that help?



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That's the thing that frustrates me.  I bought a Sennheiser and wanted to set up for it. I watched the training videos and saw the Sennheiser listed so I went looking for it on my T1.  The only mics I have listed are the Audix and Flat zEQ.   What am I doing wrong?


Hi Jim,

Did you install the Audix microphone Presets? If so, it sounds like you installed them on top of the factory Presets.

Restore Original ToneMatch® Presets

Download this file.
T1® Original Factory Presets and documents  <- download link

Load the Bose_T1_Presets_10.bos file in the second bank.

If you want to try some other ToneMatch Presets - please see this page: ToneMatch® Presets - ToneMatch® Partner Presets - Optional

Does that help?



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Hi Jim Patterson,

If you have not downloaded and installed any ToneMatch Presets, the Sennheiser Preset should be there in the Vocal Mics Category.

  1. Turn the Rotary Selector to ToneMatch
  2. Turn the Category knob until you see Vocal Mics
  3. Press Select
  4. Turn the Preset knob until you see Sennheiser
  5. Choose which Sennheiser microphone Preset you want (t.g. Sennheiser E855. Press Select

Did you find the Presets?



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It took me awhile to work up my courage to do the restore. (I don't have a good track record with this kind of thing)  The actual event was...really...a non-event.  Painless and quick!  Reset everything back to factory settings without a hitch!  Thanks for your help and advice.  Would never have tried this on my own.  Problem solved!

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