Got to do some more experimenting to get it right. Yesterday just as I was leaving, i connected the v drums to the T1 using the Dj mix and that was good, but a bit of a hum when not playing. Then i tried connecting the mono output to the powerstand, and the hum was terrible. Did not have time to experiment with the trim, but it was good and green. Could it be the cable? I just picked up the nearest guitar cable. Should I use something different? The stand says analogue input, and I usume the roland brain is digital. I am sure I can get there with experimenting but if someone knows the answer it will save me time.

Before launching into too technical an explanation please remember that I am old, female and blonde.
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Hi Pat,

Try the power source first. Then make sure that the signal cable is not passing near or lying on top of anything electrical (tube amp for example or power bar).

I wouldn't start shopping for new cables just yet. There's lots of ways to spend more money on cables, and these expenditures are not always commensurate with value.

I was about to suggest that you check to see if you have any balanced cables but in looking at the manual for the Roland TD30 it looks like all the outputs are unbalanced anyway. What kind of Roland Drum Module (brain) do you have?
My TD-12 has four outputs, Left(mono), Right, 1, and 2, all are unbalanced.
Never had any humming problems with any outs, and I have run into the Model II analog input with surprisingly good results (Loud!)
However, if you turn the Roland Module off, the power stand input will hum.
So will any sound system if you turn off the mixer while the amps/speakers are still on.

I have also used the headphone out jack on the TD-12 to feed channels 4/5 of the T1 with good results.
But usually, I would separate out the kick drum into another output, and use the Audix D6 kick drum preset on ch 3 of the T1.

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