Good day my friends....its Moon Dog. 

Well I got my T8S this week from Sweetwater (Thanks Paul.) I had plenty of time to plan for the new cables I would need and the mounting configuration. So when it showed up I was all set to get it incorporated. 

As I had mentioned in a previous thread I was a little hesitant to make the move from my beloved T1 due to the lack of a digital output on the T8S....but I took the plunge. 

I spent quite a bit of time with it and had rehearsals all week for my shows this weekend. The mixer did crash once, I did a reboot and it hasn't crashed since. 

So I played last night with the new T8S, it performed flawlessly and the sound, in my humble opinion was even BETTER than my T1. The addition of the 3 parametric EQs on every channel is the one thing that allowed me to tweak my Backing Tracks and Acoustic Guitar to blend perfectly. 

I also believe that there is no D-A conversion now since I am mono TRS, straight analog from all inputs to the L1 which may have also contributed and made a difference. (I may be making an incorrect assumption here but I assume this happens at the Amp) Well we all know there are two different inputs on the L1 so something has to be different and for me....this configuration sounded better. 

So thats the report from me on my new couldn't take it from me now if you wanted to. My sound continues to improve and now when guest singers come up, I can have dedicated channels and EQs for them...Thank you BOSE.

Moon Dog

Moon Dog on Hornblower
Moon Dog on Hornblower





Hi Mark,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. I'm sorry you're seeing a corrupted display on your T8S. 

To refresh the screen: Turn the rotary selector to a different position, and then turn it back to where you were. This should force the screen to refresh.  You shouldn't have to reboot.

Please let us know if you notice a pattern to when the screen does this.



Got a couple of gigs in with my Trio and our new T8S Mixer. Guitar, two vocals and a small drum kit. Totally blown away with the tone coming out of our two L1's with 2 B2's. We've been using a T1 mixer and subbing in a small mixer to one of the T1 channels for over 5 years with great success so this was an easy swap for us.

If we have a way bigger or outside gig we add an 812 top cab and an F1 Sub. If the gig gets any bigger than they can handle we rent sound or are on a festival stage that already has a house PA.

The added parametric EQ on each channel is a game changer for dialing in good sound without compromise. We all could hear better clear bottom end and just a cleaner sound overall.

People (me included) were worried about Digital vs Analog output on the T8S. We've all seen why they did it this way and I'm no engineer that can debunk why they chose to make it this way. What I will say is this. We have been using Bose stuff including the T1 mixer for over 5 years. This unit sounds better! End of story for me. Count me as a believer! 

I know people wanted some more features and maybe they should have included some of those features but we are totally happy with function and more importantly the SOUND!

Great Job Bose!






Mike in Texas posted:

WOOPS!  No connection to tablet or phone app to allow Walk Around Mixing :-{  Very cumbersome awkward multi-screen interface anyway - this would have been a chance to address and improve that..  QSC and Behringer interfaces are significantly more modern and easier to use.  Without CLIFF, Bose continues to make decisions WITHOUT the on-stage musician user in mind.  Too Bad..

I just got my T4S ToneMatch Mixer today. It has a USB A port as well were you can connect a USB and play music from it. I'm guessing I can connect my tablet or iphone using that USB port and play music. It just occured to me when I read your message. I'll try and see if it works.

stos2 posted:

Are the Tonematch mixers designed to be used primarily with the Bose L1 and F1 systems?  I mean, are they mainly taylored to these systems?  Has anyone used them with success with any other PA systems?  Does it make sense to?  If so, how well did they work and sound? 

If they were designed mainly for the L1/F1 systems, then I would think that the F1 would also have been designed with the Tonematch digital audio/power port to interface with the the Tonematch.  And then the T8S could have also been designed with these ports.  Seems there's a big mismatch here.  But then, the Compacts don't have this port either, ugh.  Boy, another case for an upgraded Compact? 

Can't wait to hear feedback from users of the T8S and T4S.  I may have to get a T4S and run two Compacts in "stereo" from it.  I'm really interested in hearing if others will be doing this, and hearing how it sounds.  Adding some spatial stereo sound to the Compacts already clear audio may be where it's at.

One final question.  Is there a difference in sound quality between the analog output and the digital Tonematch output?  Maybe just the analog outputs are the better option?  Hmmm ... I'm thinking too much.

I just bought my T4S ToneMatch Mixer along with L1 system  and I tried it out this evening with Pioneer monitors. It sounded great. 

stos2 posted:

Oh boy, Bose.  I am a big Bose advocate, and own a Compact and M2 with 2 B1s and 2 T1s.  But, like the new S1 (another post), I am disappointed at the new Tonematches, especially the T8S.  I kind of like the T4S, but was hoping for a similar setup on the T8S, so to get more channels.  Why are they so different?  Isn't that what many Bose users on this forum were also interested in?  No audio/power combination so you have to use a power supply?  No bluetooth capability?  STILL doesn't mount nicely to a mic stand?  I hope to hear some exciting things about these units as some start using them.  Hoping I'm totally missing something.  Certainly no "wow factor" at this time. I hope I'm wrong.  I was really hoping for an all around upgrade to the whole L1 system.  Pricing is also steep for what you are getting. I'll keep reading this forum hoping that I'm totally missing something.  Still love Bose stuff, and will keep using what I have with great pride.  I was just hoping to upgrade. 

Just a quick reply to your mic stand mount comment. I agree - the Bose accessory wasn't a great mount. The rubber pads are difficult to set and in getting it tight against the mic stand, I was afraid of breaking the plastic mount, or the latch springing loose.  Solution? I bought a metal pole clamp used for DJ lighting to clamp to my mic stand. Bose thoughtfully (or accidentally) included an extra mounting bracket with my T1 (there was one in the box, and one secured under the lid). I eyeballed the T1 with bracket against the clamp and mic stand to make sure none of the input/outputs were blocked, and then drilled two holes thru the bracket and pole clamp and screwed them together. Now, I have a heavy duty piece of kit and it cost about $7.

Mounted to my extra mic stand...

It's my understanding that the L1 can't provide enough power to the T8S to power all of the features,  hence the need for the external power supply...


When I visited the Bose booth at NAMM in January I asked about that as well as commenting about the lack of features that competitive  brands offer including bluetooth and feedback elimination...


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